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Why walk so much?


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I've not played that many mmos, but I have never seen free quest teleport, actually i've only see the inverse, those games want you to walk alot.


But easier teleports, like runescape's or guild wars' ones would be a great addtion, like carriages that you pay gold and will take you to the main cities.

But we need to be careful and not mess up with lots of game mechanics, we spent half of our time walking, free quest tps would make players progress too fast, the game's world is not that big if we cut off walking, if we mess up with it aigrind will lose money and "be ANGERY".


My suggestion is to connect only the main cities with revive statues, you can tp from one to another you have visited for a small gold fee(200-1000) depending on the distance (like guild war's one, but only city to city).

Allow players to mark a location with mcoin(yes) and teleport some previously visited and marked(mark should also cost mcoin) location freely with mcoin. (Just like aoho's system, but the price should change based on distance, inside places (like lab) should cost even more)

And implement a auto walk system, to guide's players to the quest location, and about getting agro from the mobs, yes this should happen, you don't really should be able to make your char walk and go to dinner without paying attention to it.


All of this (should) give us the tools we want and still dont make the game feel small and make players do not progress that fast, as you will still need to visit the cities first,

(But I really doubt aigrind will even think about touching the tp system)

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I'd just ask for faster movement when out of combat (someone mentioned faster movement here) 


Then again why should the characters move faster when safe but slower when in danger? :cat1:

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