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In my humble opinion minions health should increase with your level with this skill. Ran some tests and players ferocity also seems to deal higher dmg to the minions - this means that in higher level play they die in pretty much one or two hits.


What's everyone else's thoughts about this? 

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indeed i think their health should increase with lvl but it should also be given a huve nerf at low lvl: at lvl 10 i was being hit ~100 every shot from one of those beast, summoned by a 110 pdmg charmer. So when i killed the charmer, although i got 250pdmg, i needed half my hp left in order not to die. And moreover with rogue i can't use gouge then invisibility cuz this beast never stops attacking me. So basically charmer stun, summon and run while healing himself, u can't go back on him since the beast keeps attacking u, even with range class u can be slowed enough so that he runs away.


I think hp should depend much more of the lvl: 1500 at lvl 28 is quite useless, and at low lvl is just op, any charmer can solo bosses with it.

About dmg idk. I personnaly think it should be a little lower but that's not what's the most annoying atm.


And i think a SUMMON SHOULD DIE WITH SUMMONER. Bcs in 3v3 wtf again with rogue i was facing 3 charmers lvl 10, 1h mace +1 to +3, they were pretty much running all the time letting thier beasts kill us, my team couldn't kill the beasts fast enough before the charmer respawned, and if we did we just had very little time to capture the seals. And the worst was at a point when all charmers were dead, as well as the rest of my team, i ended up facing 3 1500hp-100dmg beasts alone.


So of course they won, pretty much doing nothing else than summoning and running. I did 12k dmg, my team mates and the opponents 2k each, but that was hopeless cuz when we killed them we were killed by the summons or at least we couldn't go and cap a seal. They didn't even needed to regroup. They just respawned, summoned a beast and die, or run a bit at best to cap a seal we couldn't defend bcs of the summons, and start again.

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How about this:

-Minion don't have health

-To kill minion you need to hit it couple times

-The higher level of call, you must hit it more than before


For example: (it's just example)

-Lv 1: need to hit 2 times to kill it

-Lv 2: need to hit 3 times to kill it

-Lv 3: need to hit 4 times to kill it

-Lv 4: need to hit 5 times to kill it

-Lv 5: need to hit 6 times to kill it



at least it won't die instantly in high level battle



weak to DoT damage




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in my point of view, i think "Call"  balance. although its quite strong in the beginning, but later in game its hard to grant the the beast more powerful and health still remain at 1500. on the other hand, "Call" is likely to make amateur player feel much easy to approach the game: they can complete quest faster, kill small boss themselve and then quickly go to map 2  where activities is more popular. moreover , this skill help those F2P to have their own minion, make them more confidence to face any difficulties(Tip: Call lesser the money used to repair items, not much but useful:biggrin:).

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2 hours ago, Klauschen said:

Beast hp should rises from lvl to lvl and must depends on charmers hp or charmers lvl.

Dang lol then their hp will be high and op. The dmg this dogs do are pretty amazing for a minion. I get it that you guys want them higher because pro arena reck them. But y'all have stun, call, heavy. Lol cool class though

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