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Get rid of pve vs pvp


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I don't know how many people on this game feels about 6.1 update, but for myself, it took the game backwards. When arena gear first came out it was wonderful to get if you don't have the time or gold to buy, for an example kronus armor. With having arena gear you won't be as strong as the players who farm all day, but you had yourself a decent armory and weapons that you can farm as well as pvp. After 6.1 it's either you build for pvp or pve, and I noticed many people who built their characters pvp, cannot do dungeons or dailies without seriously damaging their gears also they are quitting the game. This may not happen, but my suggestion is to reverse the arena gear and weapons back to the way they were prior to 6.1 update. Fero could also need some changes as well. It's just my suggestion.

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Am I perhaps the only one who's actually finding this new method fair?


You guys must understand that a character cannot be invincible vs anything. Let's take the example of Resilience still working the way it worked some time ago. What would be the point of spending gold on the new Ice armours or the kronus ones or any other equipment, if the resilience still works and works actually better than these up mentioned items? They would be, in fact, useless. You might say "no, you're wrong! Just put a resilience rune on your Kronus armour or Ice equipment or anywhere a resilience rune can be insert!".


Guys, we have the luck to craft the weapons and the armours we need by ourselves. Why don't you use the opportunity the game's offering?


The full inventory of Arena items must be used exclusively in arena. And i find it quite fair. One thing I'd have done, to make our life "easier", is having warned players a bit earlier of such change, so that everyone would have had time to change the equipment they had. Maybe 2 months earlier would have been enough. Since this is actually a big change.

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More and more pay2win every update

1. First adding too much quest items = must buy new bags.

Not to mention that in past you had starting 4o slots in bag now just 10.

2. Enchant system

3. Amp system

4.Minions instead of lore summon skills

5. Ferocity and Resilience changes forcing to use 2 sets = even more bag slots needed

6. Relics

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