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  1. It says Dragon Eye each strike will restore mana. Is it autoattack only or skill can also restore mana?
  2. More and more pay2win every update 1. First adding too much quest items = must buy new bags. Not to mention that in past you had starting 4o slots in bag now just 10. 2. Enchant system 3. Amp system 4.Minions instead of lore summon skills 5. Ferocity and Resilience changes forcing to use 2 sets = even more bag slots needed 6. Relics
  3. What's his max attack speed without consumables?
  4. People who played from beginning - version 0.5.4 - know that game had a subscription model, pay to play, 2$ or so per month. Nobody remembers that because all veterans left the game. Why? No one likes pay2win itemshop shit.
  5. Ok, so there no point to sit in solo guild. And I don't play too much to lead a guild so I will just join some
  6. Is it hard to level guild alone? How far I can get it myself?
  7. First thing..necromancer, why is he called necromancer at all? Seems like developers have no idea what is necromancy... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necromancy And no, its not hard to make summon skills for magic classes. Some were even available in old warspear. Shaman had wolf and druid had fairy. Proof: Now it's gone. Why? Because developers prefer to make pay2win minions.
  8. Gra ktoś jeszcze po stronie górali? Albo elfów? Jest jakaś aktywna polska gildia?
  9. What do you expect from third category contest It's not Gamescom or E3
  10. Grałem kiedyś zanim dodali expert skile, także zostało mi troche śmieci m.in. 2 falchiony na początek i cały set barba na 13lvl. Ze 100k bym uzbierał i mam 120 ticketów w zapasie. Zrobiłbym jeszcze jakiegoś maga póki exp dobry z tych eventów. Warlock czy shaman lepszy? Bardziej myśle o pvp bo hunty nudne są. A no i czy biorą warlocka do dunga jako dps?
  11. Troche mi zejdzie zanim wbiję ten 21lvl żeby kupić najlepszą broń z areny więc na jaki niższy level opłaca się kupić itemy z areny? ps. gram rogalem
  12. po cholere robicie postacie a potem sprzedajecie...
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