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[2016.12.08] 100% bonus on Google Play packages!

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Good news, everyone!
We’d like to announce a special, and by that we mean really SPECIAL, deal. Buy any Miracle Coins package via Google Play (except for the minimal one) and
get double the amount of Miracle Coins!
This is a once in a lifetime deal, so grab the chance to refill your treasury!
Deal starts: 09/12/2016 22:00 CET
Deal ends: 13/12/2016 21:59 CET
Harad bless Google Play and let the luck always be with you on the battlefield, brave warriors!


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It says in game that offer ends in 16h, but here it says 09-13.12.206


In game says it ends in 16hrs. Which one of the dates is correct? 


The incorrect time is displayed in the game, we'll fix it asap. And the announcement here and in-game news contain the right dates.

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