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  1. Rogue can not jump in the cage. Wonderful. We are increasingly limited.
  2. Very limited use rogue with elusive item maxims and kick 5/5 because of some skill that was completely disabled.
  3. I think I could return reflexes to rogues with old mechanics, layers with 100% dodge, with a higher recharge time and could still remove the dodge ability of mobs like the slug, working only with players ..
  4. Good build for PVE. Also advise use full set cc Burning Rage.
  5. Nerf in Reflex it was enough, I agree to a certain part.. More Poisonous i do not think needed.
  6. The problem is Poisonous Blade 3 Hits each 25s? Why no 6 hits?
  7. Rogues completely nerfs.. Taking a lot more damage than before, and depending dodge to win pvp and horrive and Poisonous Blade 25s = 3 hit BAD !! Some rogues do not use equipment with dodges full, we must completely change the way of playing?
  8. Another test server episode would not be a bad idea, before upgrading.
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