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  1. People don't hate unless you give them a reason to, so think about all those situations in which you guys, I'm not talking about you I'm speaking in general, abused your power unbalanced things didn't reply or helped a player who needed your help and support and you will realise I am right. But hey, why would anyone listen to us or treat us fair anyway (talking about my +10 banned account for simply asking a question)?
  2. is good to know you guys hear only what you want don't be surprised how the community will hear only what they want
  3. How about druids mate? 4 stuns and 4 heals? How about palas? 1k hit/banner? Aoe stun&dmg? Cry more
  4. You guys should create another server with v3.x of Warspear, that I would play forever... New WS will die soon if you guys keep going this way, just my opinion..
  5. Well they should balance this by adding less dmg on weapons with lifesteal so it would be a bit more balanced...
  6. Weapons with lifesteal are the best, too bad they don't make any others except the night price's ones
  7. Stuns #1 dk But the best wl, afatoldman, still beat him
  8. I just pray and hope to be better costumes than haloween :[
  9. In game says it ends in 16hrs. Which one of the dates is correct?
  10. We are trying to figure out this too, it kinda became more like a nuker since axe updates, that was a stupid thing, axes are designed for barbs not for melees like rogue and bd...
  11. Or maybe the old 3x3 arena should be re-implemented....
  12. Go for druid, or maybe paladin, that's broken too Let's all play broken classes!
  13. Hi bro, Romanian here aswell, I'm playing on US Sapphire warlock and barbarian. If you decide to come on US you got my help! aFatOldMan.
  14. Don't you think you want too much? Pala is a HYBRID class cause devs made it trough last updates and if palas will get mdmg rewards i will quit, tell me what relics warlocks got, even druids got the spell imunity relic besides that druids need a nerf and everyone knows it. Why you think elfs winning all wars in US? Let me tell you the steps: 1) Mage use immunity on pala. 2) Pala jumps which stuns most of the targets. 3) Pala place banner. 4) Pala use aoe stun. 5) Mages jump in and use aoe combo. 6) Druids use aoe pool stun + sleep. Do you think is is fair?
  15. This post was submitted by mistake i asked #Daria to have a look on the new post and to replace it with this one, sorry for delay!
  16. Hi to all mcs from US- Sapphire who are sick of spamming dungs for pots/cards/bars and to those who are bored of the arena unbalance. I am working to a project for some time and I would like to present it to you. I want to host a PvP event in "Ayvondil - Tree of Life" map. Event will take place on Saturday 26th November at 21:00 UTC (London time zone), anyone is free to participate as long as you feel brave enough and want to test your might against your friends. I will supply with everything which is needed to have a perfect event. There will be 3 main brackets: 1v1: In th
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