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Mistakes in German localization

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Hey, guys!


Please, feel free to report any errors and mistakes in the German version of the game, whether they are some mistranslations, interface inaccuracies or other. We would really appreciate detailed reports (preferably with screenshots).


Thanks in advance!



Hey Leute!


Bitte lasst euch nicht davon abhalten, Fehler in der deutschen Spielversion zu melden! Ob es falsche Übersetzungen oder ein unakkurates Interface sind, wir würden jede detailierte Meldung zu schätzen wissen (bevorzugt mit Screenshots).


Danke im Voraus!

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Oki, I found some little things:

1. post-23872-0-94040700-1480617936_thumb.png

Dunno if it was on purpose that it's called Tuxedo and not like everything else



Not really a mistake since "chosen" can mean both of them, but I would stick to either Auserwählten or Erwählten, to keep it simple.


3. post-23872-0-16726900-1480618182_thumb.png

"Grünes Top" not "Grüner Top"


4. post-23872-0-26329600-1480618240_thumb.png

"Schlagstock" literally means "Nightstick" and in German it actually describes the sticks police men use to hit people xD It's not wrong but a bit inappropriate.



Snow Queen = Schneekönigin



"Entlaufene** aus dem Spiegel", the r at the end makes it male.



"Hohepriesterin** des Sonnenuntergangs", otherwise it would be male as well.



"Goldenes Abendkleid**", Abendkleider is the plural. Same mistake at both other dresses



"Maskierter** Fanatiker"


That's it for now :3

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Mhm just call it Exit and not Ausfahrt, Ausfahrt has a completely different meaning .-.



Wrong sentence structure, right one is:

"Mit einer 10% Chance verringern sich die Abklingzeiten des Charakters für 40%".

And instead the "für" I would say "um", so "Mit einer 10% Chance verringern sich die Abklingzeiten des Charakters um 40%". Actually you can put it like that in all relics when something is changing for so and so much percent

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I have to make it clear: what does ** mean here and in the other strings above?

When I write * behind a word it means that that word has to be corrected :) for example if we take the English word "kind" and you spelled it "kinde" I write kind* to point out the correction.


Is it a bit understandable?

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Cheese = Käse



Word order: Ich möchte diese Nachrichten nicht sehen.



A word is missing: INFO: (...) für den Beruf "Nahkampfwaffe"!



"Ausfahrt" should be replaced with "Verlassen"




Nutze eine Marktlizenz, um die Handelsdauer zu erhöhen!



I am not 100% sure, but I think the "s" in the first word is not needed.



Item is not translated, like other uncountable items

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Some things that are not translated yet. I don't know if you are planning to translate the stuff which is linked to the Christmas event, because there is a lot missing (new items, achievements). ;)


Screenshot_20161225-002005.png Verringert die Abklingzeit von Fähigkeiten.



Screenshot_20161225-001720.pngLooking at the last line: Weg zum Sieg zu überleben!

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