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Improving retribution

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I believe that the retribution idea is a good idea. I would also like to see armors coming out for tanks offering that stat.


Tought, I think it should be reworked.

At moment, players using this stat don't really care that much about how many damages they deflected from their opponent.


They're just looking for that little thing that even 1% retribution can grants you : A tick.


That tick is actually ruining a lot of expert skills. Not talking about the fact that it also reduce ranged class ability to kite. (And since it was their unique "chance" of winning vs a certain tank/dmger class...).


So ; instead of giving back some 5-20 damages to the attackers ; how about making it just as criticals ? For exemple, peoples using 10% retribution will have 1/10 chance of deflecting the whole damages.


That way, retribution would be used in its original way, to counter high damages class ; and frustrate less players about with their 40k gold's expert skill being countered by a 10% retribution rune.

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Yeah i thought of that too


But doesnt that mean everyone got a really op version of counterstrike?

That wouldn't change the average damages from you can expect from retribution.


And I don't think it can be compared to bd counterattack, since they reflect a high fixed amount of damages, regardless the amount they received.


Retribution is a good stat for tanks in my opinion (real tanks sided class that lack of damages/gap closers but can take a lot of hits, lifesteal seems stronger on blade dancers/damagers).

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Retribution is fine as it is... Considering its a counter for skills that are partially broken :)

I'm not here to talk about skills's balance, nor to protect my own interests (actual retribution benefited especially for 3 class)


I'm talking of a great concept that isn't unique to warspear. Damages reflection. The idea is "using the opponents force against him". It improves tanks's ability strenght to defeat damagers.


But peoples actually use it as a way to slow down their opponent. And I don't think that adding a perma 50hp "dot" (I hope you get that point) is healthy for warspear battles dynamism.

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Stone skin isnt broken, it is infact a very healthy skill that made barbs playable


(Counterstrike may get broken as hell with retribution, idk bout that one)


Warlocks cant use it if they got relaxation


What the hell are you talking about maili lel

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Counterattack doesn't get triggered by retribution lel.


OR DOES IT? :shok:



Stone Skin actually made barbs a bit OP, if you combine it with other survivability skills they got, it is too much. Reflex and Relaxation are ok tho.

But generally, I like to see counters for everything. ^_^

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