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A permanent test server o.O

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By watching Zeusxelie's videos on YouTube came to my mind how awesome it would be if I could PVP him sometimes. At the current state it's impossible to do it, since I am from the EU realm, and he plays on US-Sapphire.

Why not make a cross-server? A server which operated just like as the test server, everyone can get on, explore, fight, quest, and so on. Logging on this server would not affect your real gameplay (because that would make things really complicated), again, it would operate just like the test server. Territory wars would of course be kept, but I guess guild tourny should not be included.

Please make this dream possible to become true ^-^

Or if it is currently not an option, then if you read this, Zeus, next time on test server I offer you a PVP fight. Search me on EU, my hero is Tatelan. May have heard of him :D

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being on the test server a few times, I've wondered what it would be like to have the capturing territory on it. also yeah, kinda cool getting to PVP people from other servers.


maybe they can try do it once, but I'm not sure if it'll be a permanent thing ^^

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