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ideas for war

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id like to see a version of war thats capture the flag say when the flag is droped by the capturing player  it respawns randomly at 1 of 3 spots or something (who will mabye be weilding the flag as a weak weapon and slowed by a debuff, also all enemys can see flag holder on map but not allys lol xD), mabye


or a big raid boss is droped in nadir say a pirate captain of some sort invades nadir with his crew that mc and elf have to kill all who atk the boss gets drop or buff


or mabye just a massive death match which ever side gets most kills wins


or each side has to escort a small caravan from their t1 to enemy t1 xD


..... just a few suggestions to spice war up i like the current war its like a town raid but whould be awsome to see a varity of wars esspecally the huge capture the flag

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Maybe deciding the winner not based on capture points, but dmg dealt to capture points?


That way the war WILL last 1h long, and 3mins rape is impossible.

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