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  1. Just finished kaichou wa maid Sama. Any good rom-com suggestions??
  2. Cuz when I started playing ws . I was a ranger and rogue would always kill me. Once I saw two rogues killing a bd at dinalt , they both jumped on him at same time. it looked damn cool. liked the class ever since
  3. So just few hours ago After doing some quests at circus I noticed that one of my lvl18 +4 signet of elements ring has disappeared from bag. Althought I did drop 2 useless items from bag but I'm pretty sure that they were dropped right, I'm pretty sure I didn't drop it by mistake. Can you look into it and get me my ring back?? Thank you
  4. I already know about that link. It redirects to wp store.I'm looking for download link like on this site. http://www.appx4fun.com/down/2781/cdn/ But for latest version of game.
  5. Can any dev/admin post the xap file download link plz?? Windows store requires wifi. I don't have it.
  6. I already checked it.It redirects to windows store. I hope someone give me the Microsoft cdn ddl for xap file
  7. Downloading from windows store now requires wifi. I dont have wifi. Any other way to get game??
  8. Lol No. I can't believe how ppl cant understand simple things. like I said I can write 10 line paragraph on it . But no reason for that work. You can call me lazy too.
  9. I'm at bad at teaching/explaining. I quit after 2-3 times.
  10. Ok ppl. No more explanation for you. Be happy however you understood my comment. I ain't writing 10 line paragraph for you to get it.
  11. Oh. Damn. What I meant was Roland defended you hard bcuz u are a girl not bcuz you are Julie. I dont understand why are u mixing up your and roland's relation into this??
  12. >Never said you are flirting with him.>point was on Roland for defending you so hard. >guess I hit a wounded area. >I regret nothing.
  13. Girl charm worked on Roland too. Lol
  14. The windows phone client for game has been auto exiting few times in a day. At first I thought I was just some rare app crash but now it happens every day. Plz fix this. I'm losing arena and item durability bcuz of it. My mobile Lumia 638. It has 1gb ram and 1.2 ghz quad core processor. So I dont think this bcuz of device. another thing is there is no trigger for crash like it was with Symbian it used to crash on crossings. It just exit randomly anywhere.
  15. When it comes to war Dont count sithlords as mcs. Lol They maybe help once in 2 months, Number of leaders mc at US is zero. That effects the participation too. today there were just a tad bit more MCs on t5 than usual. so this time it took 5mins .
  16. And Pala stun and mage chains can still bind 100 mcs. Devs are unfair mfrs
  17. Another shitty war. And after war t1 held for 20mins cuz war starts 8:30 am where I live. Time in ss below
  18. As devs said its not 1v1 game.I'm talking about arena , it's not a heal its a pot. Should either be nerfed or replaced by a new skill.
  19. How long do you think stun gonna hold him. You cant kill his partner in 4 secs lol and the other player will use his stun on either me or my partner. I have been in the situation many times. It doesn't work unless there are 2 rogues or 1 lock in pt.
  20. Another skill that should be nerfed is secret link. Bcuz of this one skill even low amp (3-4) druids can easily win against some mid amp party[5-6] in arena 2v2. Most of the time if there's druid in enemy pt and my partner is not rogue too, it s 90% loss because of link. Get druid to 100hp , he push one button and full hp in 4-5secs max. Its really damn unfair. Its like 100% hp pot reusable every 20 secs.
  21. I meant going dg with him *z* And that babynatali told ne getf*cked is her husband. Lol
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