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Question For Devs (Very Serious game Issue)

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Hello i have a really serious issue that needs to be Addressed Elfs Dont have this Problem so if some elf

Comments something negative its not there

Place and they should just leave this topic At once.


Anyone on Mountain Clans knows that theres a problem with

The xbow skin drops and weap drops as well as bow. I want to know what your planning to do about these drops and weapons and think we should hear why you havent fixed it or what your thinking of and if your not planning on doing something maybe everyone could help suggest something to fix it.



Example Some suggestions that might be noteworthy


"Bow Npc"


This is a complicated idea of exchanging a bow for a different weapon .

For Example Bows would be Transfered to Rondels

and Xbows would be Transfered to Swords


Lv13 Longbow with bloody Reaper skin > Would go to Acute a Falchion With Rippers dagger


Skins would just go to a opposite 1H Skin


Doom Xbow With ice xbow>>> Goes to Doom Blade with Ice dagger.


Etc Npc would cost 20k per weapon and would be Available in Nadir and Ayivondil Harbor.


Other Suggestion i thought was noteworthy was


Mail System.


Very Simple Concept be allowed to send mailed items

To your other characters in this way people

Could transfer bows/Xbows to Elf Side Characters for use.



Please Clear up this mistake in the game and help find a use for these drops Thanks :)

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It should but it's a question and yes I thought it was great ^. Im asking why they don't

Implement and what their plans are.

Grammar and spelling mistakes corrected, marked in red.

Great suggestion though, maybe you should consider putting it in the right section :blush:

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its funny when u see some1 getting bow/xbow in DG after hard work they get a gud reward which is useless.I don't think devs would make a NPC char to xfer stuff but removing bows from mc side should be done

Imo its ok to have a bow. Id actually buy as many bows as i can find, and when there will come a bow update for mc, WHICH WILL HAPPEN, im rich ;)

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Q: Why did I get a bow from a monster, besides I'm playing for mountain clans/undead?

A: It's impotant to understad that we have common drop system for both alliances, so if we remove bow and crossbow from drop, they won't also available for elfs/human to get.

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