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  1. lvl1 i think its like 4s each lvl increases a 1sec more i think.but the higher the lvl the more chance to stun and lvl3 increases thr skill radius
  2. not all people are op there was no need for lvl26 dg..there should hav been lvl24 dg,why the hell lvl24 get quest on lvl26dg and best of all mobs hit hardcore dmg...events are suppose to be fun why make shit hard lvl26 dg when theres not even lvl23 items most ppl equipped
  3. omg why its asking to update client zzzz i thought only cache updates
  4. omg why its asking to update client zzzz i thought only cache updates
  5. Are u changing new maps mobs dmg rate ..even mini boss are so hard to kill and nobody can reach close to black elm..or is it suppose to be that way
  6. so how long? temporary exp pot ends tmrw zz
  7. I don't think many would actually read quest nor give any attention of how to do stuff.best way to learn is from experience not by game tutorial
  8. yes secret link is useless on solo and it should not be on 1v1 even with 340mag I do 2.8k heal in 3-4s tat will be too op casting it on myself in 26s.already there's enough skills to kite and ur idea would make druids #1 in game and I really don't wana face high amped druids like tat in arena
  9. yes u are right no char can do 1 hit ko except rogue becaz they stealth and hit with poison.the reason is rogues using high amped axe while healers def is low and gears not amped to high enugh .if stealth is removed rogues are useless so best wait for new gears
  10. best make tears 5 heal 5 shield 3 aura 3 at lvl20.aura is best in PvP and hunt i don't think redemption has high heal even if u lvl it. I have elusive thread tho its gud on PvP and very Less chance on boss and mobs
  11. this skill is useless to lvl had 500dmg at lvl1 and only 70dmg or so increase at lvl4.this skill works best when u hit when a enemy close within a yard
  12. hmm its not Gona be easy crafting when essense drop rate is very low in dungeon.increase the drop rate of them too including on bosses
  13. wew finally some achievements and rewards like in other games ..hmm still better if u can reward mcoin like other games but if its a mcoin shop reward tats gud too
  14. weather conditions should not affect the players,if u played GBA games like pokemon,Zelda u will know how gud they look it brings a whole new scenery
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