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at this time ranger is boring


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U kids are funny just because ur not pro high amped havnt had a good fight u wont understand Sulla u just live on forum come to the actually game ur still a +6 player lol who thinks bds are just so pro yet dis anything on ranger

what you on about, there is a game outside the forum? that +6 insult hurts, it's a bullet right in my +10 ego.

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Sulla are you blind?


If ranger uses scatter, rogue jumps. If ranger uses trap, rogue jumps, if ranger uses huge cage, rogue jumps.


If you are a rogue and you have 930, using stealh you will get 1400 dmg, 1400 dmg + critical + jump + poison = 1 kill quickly. ranger needs to use many skills to kill.


2000 critical + poison (4/4 = 200-460 dmg each 3 sec) = 1 kill.


You say it because it is rogue and do not know what being a Ranger.

You as rogue, it's just invisible and attack, logical, invisibility = first attack.



Hey bro, rogue jump and barb charge all have cooldown. You have 3 skills to stop then, scatter, trap and cage. If you are better than mediocre gamer, you may have enough coordination to use trap or scatter after they jump/charge out of your cage.


I known it's hard for you to use more than 1 control skill on the same battle but yeah, that's the direction this game is taking. It is requiring all previously braindead characters like ranger to think a little about how to spam skills. 


Ranger have to change strategy now  :cray: Amp and click on enemy till they die doesn't work anymore  :

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I wish I had stayed in EU-Emerald. All players on Sapphire are like snipedown, they think damage is the only thing that matters on the game.


skill is more important now as u inferred :), amp + skill is a deadly combination which few rangers do have in US-Sapphire.


I think Instead of complaining about skills one should just think about a good strategy to counter the problem in hand i.e. how to get the other guy fall to ground before you do :P :D

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"evasion skill would be nice"




Ranger's already have it, may be hard to find because it doesn't deal damage, most rangers don't like that, so i will help it's called: Evasion.

:rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:

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