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  1. Same cannot loggin from android or windows
  2. hmm and what's the use if a raid boss drops only for 1 party, when so many ppl helped, add to that 24hrs respawn time. no wonder ppl dont form 10+ parties for elm
  3. We tried and failed yesterday. so more trying?
  4. Roland 250+ hit by green crown melee mobs and 260+ hit by green crown ranged mobs are intended or will be changed to have some lower values?
  5. Ya I can understand, anyway all the best. But some problems that we see are in old items and old features. May be framework can be made more robust such that older/previous features remains intact
  6. IDK evertime these mistakes happens, idk if devs have really some kind of solid quality checks. May be they are lacking good testers
  7. lol green crown mobs hit 200+ XD, may be yellow and red will hit like 500+ and 1000+
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