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  1. My trap skills still makes ya a punching bag
  2. Jarl ur gotta be joking right haha ♥♥♥♥♥ u cant beat me one weapon haha never will never have u lying bag of... Ur papper boy use kw stealth signal and u have beaten me wasnt one wep tho i can drop u quicker then i drop lvl 14s FYI talk more and we will see who wins this wannabe
  3. Druid Physik/empirior/Timeuss Ranger livefox/risk girl/ranker Blade dancer Physiktwo/Kickgun/Tpain Mage Drizz skynete just another account spammer Priest Mjiip/Kashigga/blak priest/ Davika Pally Sharp/ itachafire /sweetmandy thats arena based mostly
  4. Haha so many people wont admit nessah isnt a good ranger anymore
  5. Roland just give these guys what they want go to elf side and destroy the most amped elf players so we are forced to make a mc side character lol
  6. Haha jake dont worry about them they want devs to delete 50% of elfs maybe devs can change my ranger into a barb lmao Kapow !! Nope still a ranger oh well
  7. Bows and cbows both equal
  8. Cry cry make rangers have stealth then roland and a heal haha
  9. Have a cry learn every class before u talk about who needs a nerf. Facepalm warlock and shaman can kill any threat people dont move to elf to be op its more social side of things mc is dumb always compare the d size
  10. Guess u never seen me when i would have a fight lol would win vs many mc
  11. And dodge on a heavy armor class may aswell wear kw set haha and be done with ur light armor
  12. Cyber half these guys know nothing about stats turtle sucks he wont make a lvl 24 pro because he is unable haha just saying and accurcy on a bd only players know when ham missies how much they are in trouble
  13. I'm an idiot? Really, not all bladedancers are overpowered, just the very high amped. And like rogue's and shamans's expert skills are so weak Hahahahah shamans expert skill lightining shield is worse then any skill its op as is totem and rogues posion blade and stealth and hide is most op every class has good skills some better then others
  14. Best would he davika kasshirga kimbo oracles and priestking but priest king is old so run♥♥♥♥♥ would he in his spot
  15. This is true talk about resil i can be max resil and rogues can half life me in 1 hit funny right 30.3% resil 4.2k drf and they half life me first hit rogues need to loose some damage because they ruining the game
  16. I know pallys who beat the beat bd and rogues who can do the same as can dks lol barbs have a high chance if they use brains dont be foolish about bds they need there skills vs any mc class
  17. As u seen this and other subject got locked haha in arena people use there own characters to spam to win im arena kinda ruined the game IMO sky and death just as bad both want to be known as good players who cant even win arena fairly to me that takes so much respect from u both any how enjoy sithlord spamming each own accounts for the rest of warspear life im out see ya noobs
  18. If its true then rip Man U gott reapect and i would say #1 priest current May the angles guide u kimbolayts , Kimbho was and honour meeting you!
  19. Haha na im a fair guy ur all wanting too much from devs i still kill people using lvl 15 rings haha dont hold that on me
  20. roland if you read this please dont listen i will buy 1000s of mcoins if u do not listen to these people they want rings and buffs and everything else xD yet they were the ones who said make arena season shorter lol
  21. Sulla learn to amp before u teach players lol
  22. U kids are funny just because ur not pro high amped havnt had a good fight u wont understand Sulla u just live on forum come to the actually game ur still a +6 player lol who thinks bds are just so pro yet dis anything on ranger
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