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how does it work? is it a buff u cast on urself (like rogue poison) that turn you next normal attack into something that triggers silence for 5 secs?

in case this is a buff, for how long does it last before it fades?



if it's really 5 secs then it looks pretty awesome.

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The silence is pretty cool ;) Dks finally have a way of fighting back at healers without relying on the teeny stuns that exhal and threads provide  :give_rose: Im not sure on specific stats but lv1 gives 5s silence although whether that time increases I have no idea

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Blow-silence spell inflicts on their arms that would Next attack caused increased damage and block the use of skills \ skills opponent.

2/4 nat dd increases by 15%, blocking skills gap lasts 4-5 seconds,

3/4 nat dd increases by 20%, lasts blocking skills gap 6-7sekund,

4/4 nat dd increases by 25%, lasts blocking skills gap 7-8sekund,

Recommendation: pump at least 3/4.

P.S. translated by Google Translator from my theme.

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