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  1. Well, i have been trying to figure out a setup which can be used against other damage classes and i came across Block setup. I have been using this for past 6-8 months and i think its good time to share what i know. Requisites: Double block shield Arena cloak Arena amulet 1 Arena ring + 1 block ring Arena (helm + gloves + boots) Winter vest (block + resistance) With this setup i have 20 block (1 block ring) but resilience is 38% (33%+5% with resilience book) Now, if i change my vest to arena vest, i have 16+ block and resilience is 41.6% (36.6%+5% with resilience book) I have pvped many classes with this setup and i feel its good against damagers like bds, rogues and rangers. Being +8 i was able to defeat few +8/+9 damagers. I asked them to attack first in order to check if pala can survive there combo. Well, in my case 3/5 times it did. It was not so good against wardens and priests. I would like to know if any of you are trying this setup. Any relevant suggestions or feedback is much appreciated. 🙂
  2. Good work devs. Been to developing background and i know how much pressure you guys have to go through before release xD. Well here we are. Claps.
  3. And u talk about logic. ? I answered u your question , in spite of responding to that, you choose to talk "whinning". Is this logic mean to u bro. P.s why would i exchange the contact? I rarely play this, with unending statement i mean no one will agree to other, doesnt mean we exchange contact...also thats against rules xD
  4. Whinning ? xD funny. We can have un ending discussion so m not going to reply to u as its completely out of the topic. Hehe Ok bro. 🙂
  5. Why dont u ask devs too ? May be they will xD My god ..why are u even replying 🤣
  6. As i said .. stupidity overloaded. Dont know what topics about...still continue with idk what in mind. XD P.s Horrendous xD
  7. Again wrong trigger... xD why u are trying to make me say i am only arena xD Let me tell u in detail, but only for once... Suppose i am only arena... lets assume Was pala an arena char ?? Yes (and u cant deny that) I choose pala , put my money dedicated my time ... But now they nerfed pala, so as for arena lover what did i get in last ?? Try to understand it before asking to make charmer , cz charmer was not even in the game when many ppl made pala !!! Now i assume u will say that game is not about arena at all xD ...does that brings my money back ?? No ...so who got fooled ? The user ...lol And how are u so sure that charmer will be an arena char in coming future ??? Unless u are a dev xD Think before u ink
  8. No i have never played a dk, p.s if u are comparing dk to pala, u are mistaken , why ?? Cz we are not comparing here classes, this topic is to discuss if it is bad idea to nerf foj . Why ??? U compare it with dk in terms of silence ,Might as well compare it with charmer then , cz pala is not a tank anymore! But again , i am not here to compare classes. O.o
  9. Lol, Oh yes i forgot. Low lvls only go dungeons, they never go arena, well i assume u will make joke of everything , so its pointless to continue this discussion with someone who simply doesnot know what he talks !!! U eliminated all my points and keep diverting the topic...as i said... we paid for tank..not heal or dummy P.s i dont care if charmer have silence or not...cz topic is about pala, u can go to charmer topic if u need that discussion. So are we not paying for arena ? Why leave arena out of the scenario? Low lvl dont do arena ?
  10. Again , its not stun xD read it first. Its silence. P.s even for 1 sec... dk have silence...pala now dont even have any.
  11. For your kind information , bd ham was same as pala foj that was silence (not stun) except for Aoe, as chosen were aoe type and elfs were not. So SILENCE here matters, cz in present situation , dks or charmers cz use their SILENCE even when pala used foj ... lets not confuse it with STUN. And again for your kind information, for 3 tank in elf side, dont be greedy and stop thinking only of lvl20 and up, do take in consideration that low lvl players also exist in this game. And for the last time , for your information, nerfing a tank to support is NOT same as making a support (charmer) as tank...why ?? Because ppl put their money in order to play a tank class which later turned out to be a ....idk what ... may be healer or dummy, so.... You simply do not make any sense. XD Also in my opinion , palas could have managed if they would have taken STUN out of harads call or shield bash (only 2 pally STUN skill) ...why ? Cz this way low lvls will not suffer. But as always, pally has to suffer a new nerf.
  12. U kidding right ? Cz a my friend has two chars one charmer and one necro, he simply logs both from 2 devices and defeated me and other pala with almost same stats. (And for some reason i know we all are not noob 😜) So it was 2 different person(pallys) vs single person still we lost. This is how op charmers are. Dont get me started on warlocks now. Hehe.
  13. Let me make it easy for u to understand. A TANK class is called TANK due to 2 basic skills (not talking about exp skills). 1. Aggression 2. Stun Name any tank class except pala who dont have these two. I think u got your answer. And If u dont consider pala as a tank, then name the tank in Chosen side.
  14. If u are creating a scenario , how about facing two charmers in 2v2/ 3v3/ 5v5? Or Dk, or lets say two hunters. Even two druids can be deadly. I highly discourage creating any specific arena condition in order to justify your statement.
  15. Hehe good one, next time think thrice when u use mcoins. XD Funny
  16. Ranger and bd dont have stun cycles . They can stun u but u get your chance to use skills. Real stun cycles would be of druid charmer dk ... 'stuns' and 'stun cycles' are two different things. P.S no other char have 3 dodge skill like rogue does. So i dont understand the point of rogues getting a stun cycle.
  17. I got your point, rogue dont have any stun cycle which is compensated by its op damage and dodges. A char with that damage and dodge do not need stun cycle.🤔
  18. Wont work on ranged opponent. Or should i say, wont work on opponent if they know when to stun a priest. Where as other classes can stun cycle.
  19. Ohh... thats cool. Its like i wake up and cant remember my name 😄 . Funny 😄 Thanks Reiv. Hahaha.
  20. So chars inactive more than 3 yrs will now be deleted? Can they be revived using mcoins?
  21. Ohh okayyy🤤 Didnt see you there. 🤦‍♂️
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