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  1. Shannuu

    rogue need SKILL DODGE OR STUN !

    Ranger and bd dont have stun cycles . They can stun u but u get your chance to use skills. Real stun cycles would be of druid charmer dk ... 'stuns' and 'stun cycles' are two different things. P.S no other char have 3 dodge skill like rogue does. So i dont understand the point of rogues getting a stun cycle.
  2. Shannuu

    rogue need SKILL DODGE OR STUN !

    I got your point, rogue dont have any stun cycle which is compensated by its op damage and dodges. A char with that damage and dodge do not need stun cycle.🤔
  3. Shannuu

    rogue need SKILL DODGE OR STUN !

    Wont work on ranged opponent. Or should i say, wont work on opponent if they know when to stun a priest. Where as other classes can stun cycle.
  4. Shannuu

    [2018.06.18] Game servers restart

    Ohh... thats cool. Its like i wake up and cant remember my name 😄 . Funny 😄 Thanks Reiv. Hahaha.
  5. Shannuu

    [2018.06.18] Game servers restart

    So chars inactive more than 3 yrs will now be deleted? Can they be revived using mcoins?
  6. Shannuu

    [2018.06.09] Game servers restart

    Ohh okayyy🤤 Didnt see you there. 🤦‍♂️
  7. Guys, By any chance test server be up again?
  8. Guild dungeon needs required guild lvl... hmmm. Might slow the process of development of low lvl guild. But anyway, Good Update.
  9. Shannuu

    Magic Paladin

    Is it worth shield? Yes. Shield is good for pvp as well as pve. An average paladin can be :- 1. Damager and healer (use 2 handed magic hammer built or spear) 2. Tanker (use shield and 1 handed mace setup) Why game doesnot have magical craft hammers? I dont know. May be you can use spear from dungeons. you easily can get a cheap magic hammer in market though. They probably are available all the time. Hope this helps.
  10. Shannuu

    Game serious bug

    Sometimes its more than 7 secs. Specially when you use multiple skills suing agro. 😒
  11. Shannuu

    [2018.04.09] Game servers restart

    That's scary dangerous. come out of it
  12. Shannuu

    [2018.04.09] Game servers restart

    It was a good event. Though most drops were unprofitable in market but better than snow. Hoping new update will meet the expectations. Peace \m/
  13. Shannuu

    arena cool fight