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Lost Items on Amplification


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I was thinking players use a lot of signs nowadays even if it cost too much just to not loose their equipments.


I have never used signs and was able to amp up my gears ranging only from +3 to +4, and since i did not use signs i had my loses.  I was wondering if you guys can share what you lost during amplification.


My loses:


+4 Berengar shadow (w/ old rune and crystal)

+4 Acute Knife (w/ old rune and crystal)

+3 Safe Baldric



So... what's yours?

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without signs ever used on these items lost:


+6 acute falchian arena

+4 wrought belt

+2 safe badric

+4 cc armour / boots

+5 acute rondel

+3 cc gloves

+3 berengars revenge helm

+? berengar revenge armour


thats about it, all with old runes lol

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x3 +5 arena swords

x2 +4 & 3 arena dagger

x2 +3 Helm of Berengar shadow

+5 Yellow boots of Inquisitor

+4 yellow gloves of Inquisitor


+3 armour of inquisitor

+5 Light Cloak ( test item )

+9 lvl 13 Barb armour from Lake ( lol my test item  :lol: )

+4 Safe Baldric

:wacko: :wacko:

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Ive Lost

Carved Staff going +2 w old enchant

cc gloves going +2



and few others that where low lvl stuff so dont really mind and some i cant remember.

i just use sign or only amp to +1 now coz its waste...


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