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  1. i would rather give gift for someone b4 go. and you cant decide it instead of me . you pussy brain. why do you care me so much ?
  2. your brain has onto placed to your hairy ass by doctors ? . i told that i will... but not now. bcs i need mc for unbid items. :facepalm: and its not your business..
  3. this is my first fav car that is Ferrari Enzo second fav car is Ferrari 458 Italia
  4. i am not moving with your orders like your dogs :facepalm:
  5. i wont delete now. i will delete when unbid items. bcs items are gonna be gift for someone also i did not move to mc side. if i wanted to play mc i would open before elf.
  6. i am not defensive. i am only sad about game. I dont get joy like old time. and i dont care who was it. haha. really . i think another thing.. if u wanna be happy and u will be. i am gonna delete all accounts.
  7. lol... you must back to your game and hand-sex..... we are not interested each other...
  8. i am already busy in real. i dont dream everynight that noob game like you. and i have no reason scatter someone else's friendsihip :facepalm: lol ... are u think so really? I am not in a group . I am solo. and noone is closest me as long as Chris :crazy: . lol . why should i care you less ppl ?
  9. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: who is that dreaming guy ? why should i care you guys? really i dont care game anymore. I told Chris that **u can unbid my all items for yourself.**
  10. I am not in a group lol i play with Pliskin or solo .
  11. your pussy dogs work good . how much did u pay for rent? :crazy: also when i told them? lmao :D i never talk about you :facepalm:
  12. it has called and it will ? when i won :facepalm:
  13. BAN him and fix others karma :bomb:
  14. rich :crazy: enemy stays at same place doesnt move also scatter's effect goes 1 sec.
  15. share body pix ones of your avatar :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
  16. who can stay alive between full +10 2 rogues ? :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: u both focused only me coz of u are afraid from me.. lmao... already i called you to a pvp ...
  17. Reu


    yea its true . it takes a few minutes and not more than 10 minutes. but respawn statues sounds good if devs more decrease luck ratio of norlant swamp ;) (laby ratio has decrased :bad: already)
  18. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :shout: :shout: :shout: :shout: WHITE, ROUND and BIG B( . )( . )Bs :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: is she real russian cute?
  19. Reu


    that idea is on Shaiya Online Lv1 Speed Lapis and Lv2 Speed lapis :crazy: :crazy:
  20. good job ... 2.5 parties hahahha :crazy: :crazy:
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