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Killing Minions *z*

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Elf and MC, always at war. Got it...



but IS it war when you kill my minion and run away?... WEAK!  :diablo:



:unknw: Why pick a fight and run away? There is no gain from killing a minion  :wacko: and bragging about it? That's just lame. :nea: 


IF you're too chicken to stay and fight, you should be embarrassed :nea: and I'm embarrassed for you.




When I kill your minion, it's only because it's in my way of killing you so... Just keep running wimpy elves, your backside is way better looking ;)


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awww, did somebody kill your snow queen? it's ok dude, just calm down, learn from it, and don't get so "attached" to things in the future, trust me, you'll regret it.


Remember the first day when minions were released?

We were camping elf cara and killing all the minions XD

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hahaha i get soo much satisfaction killing minions in certain circumstances



>be rogue

>doing kota quests

>lv20 druid root and bees me

>manage to barely escape using expert skill to teleport away (wasnt worth my pot)

>15 mins later, find same druid, managed to go invisible before being attacked

>while invisible, i gouged druid, then 2 hit his swamp hermit

>walked away casually before gouge was over, never to be seen again



sometimes i like to play with my food, happened again in lost soul quest area, killed some priests lightnings spirit while he was gouged, huehuehue




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Hahaha its so fun killing pets i one hit kill most with my rogue while elf is stunned then i run like nothing happened

Got a pm from priest yesterday for killing his pet he called me a dick :D



nothing beats that man i love it i dont care ill admit it its great haha

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