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  1. Elf and MC, always at war. Got it... but IS it war when you kill my minion and run away?... WEAK! :diablo: :unknw: Why pick a fight and run away? There is no gain from killing a minion :wacko: and bragging about it? That's just lame. :nea: IF you're too chicken to stay and fight, you should be embarrassed :nea: and I'm embarrassed for you. When I kill your minion, it's only because it's in my way of killing you so... Just keep running wimpy elves, your backside is way better looking ;)
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    Why are you posting replies under a topic you didn't read? (LEGATHA) Makes you look like an insensitive one. Stop posting if you have nothing relevant to add please. Thank you all who have been so thoughtful and understanding. ^^ These ones are definitely in the minority. ♥ Storm
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    LEGATHA: Legatha was the beloved character of my sister, who died after a car accident last Thursday, June 5th, 2014. She was a beautiful 22 year old with a big heart and so much love for everyone. I know she had many friends here on Warspear, though until recently, I had no idea that she had impacted so many people in such an amazing way. For those of you who knew her, you know how good she was, quick to help anyone who asked, even when she was busy. Our guild often laughed when she'd say, "Wait! I need to help a baby." (low level players) She was always yelling at us all, "Don't kill babies!" when we came across low level Elves. She loved this game and all the friends she met here. THE CONFUSION: I realize for many of you, especially those who did not know her, there has been a lot of confusion, speculation and rumor about her character and me. I hope to clear this up and with your understanding and the support of all who knew and loved her, to continue playing the game she introduced me to less than 2 months ago, the game she loved so much and the community of friends she adored. HER CHARACTER: I could never sell or delete her account, her beloved level 20 Rogue. Instead, I have given her account to a "real life" friend whom I know and trust to love and take care of it, just as my sister did. We changed her name to Kattara because LEGATHA wasn't just a char but my sister, a person who impacted so many people's lives. It didn't seem right to have her walking around as someone else now. I also created a new lvl 1 Legatha, so no one would use her name in a negative way. Please respect and understand that she was my sister in real life, not just a character in this game. In my grief, I wanted only to preserve something she cherished. I am sorry that so many of you misunderstood. I am sorry that anything I have done has cast a shadow over the amazing, bright, beautiful person so many of you knew and loved. To those who have been so supportive and compassionate during such a difficult time, Thank you. Her Loving Sister, Storm aka Scarlora (For the privacy of the other person(s) involved & responsible for her death, I was asked not to publicly post information until the investigation leading into the accident has concluded. For those who personally knew my sister, please message me privately for more information)
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