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Few questions about paladins...


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Hy guys.

I was thinking to start a paladin class and i was wondering if i can rock with this class...

Ok, my questions are:

1. Is:



Light aura=4


Heavenly light=4

a good skill build for all-around paladin?

2. In what order i should lvl up skills?

3. How much will it take to reach lvl 12 and finish first island?

4. Is this class amazing?

5. Please rate this class from 1 to 10.

Thank you. I hope that you will help me take the right decision by answering those questions! :)

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I can answer only some of these.


1. I would say Pur5, Foj5, and Heal5 is pretty much the all around skill build. Aura is good to but only for stronger healer support and party support.


2. Depends on what your focus is while leveling. Is it arena or questing.

----- For arena I would say lvl pur first, then foj, then heal. (foj most important in arena)

----- For questing and making it to the next island I would say lvl pur first, then heal, and then aura. (aura and not foj because chosen island is really hard and your aura will come in more handy than foj).


3. I dont understand the question.


4. Most amazing class in the game. You can be warlock, a priest if your lucky*, never need pots, can survive alone in any situation better than any other class, solo bosses, arena is bad ass too ~ mixing spells/skills very diverse skill combos. warlocking the battle field, best and most needed support class there is. Downside is that your a support class unless highly ampt. but thats whats great about pala, everyone needs you. You may not get victories from having the highest dmg in arena but your foj is the most powerful skill on chosen firstborn. We would say warlocks dark circle is by far the worst right, well thats what pala can do.


5. Rate 11+

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4. Only good at lower levels

Have you tried the bd class yet?



Only good at low and high lvls  :clapping: :tease: . Not really good at mid lvls.

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1. good skill build for all-around :

if u use mace + sheild : 5pury 4 foj  2 aura  5 heal  1 persu  1 illum

if u use axe 1h or 2nd wepn : 5 pury  4 foj  5 aura 1 heal  1persu  2 illum

but again it all depends what u want and whats ur playstyle

ps(if u wanna be a.k.a healer go 1pury 4foj 5heal 5 aura 2 persu 1illu  :fool: )



2. fisrt get pury 5 then heal and foj respectively



3.short time , like couple of days



4. the class seems to be underrated but its veryyyyyyy  funny to play it , esp when u do  1000! healz :D



5. 8.5/10 ( not 10/10 cyz illu suxballz  :crazy: )



this is only my humble opinion

sry for my eng

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I would say

5 - Purify

4 - FoJ

3 - Aura

4 - Heal --> 2 (mine)

1 - Illumination --> 3 (mine, because I use 1h/shield but this skill is waste since it doesn't taunt anything)


Its all around paladin, you will be needed for most hunting party/ dungeon run with lv3 aura and you will be tough in solo questing.

FoJ at 4 is good enough to catch sneaky rogues and crossers.


I suggest you focusing amp on 1h mace rather than 2h mace. Mace is the highest damage 1h weapon type in the game so believe on it, shield is your another best defense.

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