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How to strengthen the security of your game account


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DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A CYBERSECURITY EXPERT. This is knowledge I gained from a few acquaintances, Google and Wikipedia.


Remember kids, use a trusted password manager, as well as 2FA wherever and whenever you can. Make sure to also nuke your Facebook account because of security concerns.

Another tip for passwords: length > complexity. Since there are a lot of characters you can type with your keyboard (usually 104), the amount of possible passwords increases exponentially as you increase its length. Since an average pc can easily do a couple dozen billion calculations a second you can imagine it can crack passwords quite easily by using brute force. If they can't do that, they are not using enough of it.


1 character --> 104 combinations.

2 characters --> 104 * 104 = 10 816 combinations.

3 characters --> 104 * 104 * 104 = 1 124 864 combinations. This is cracked instantaneously.


10 characters --> 148 024 428 491 834 392 576 combinations. This takes approximately 1.4 billion seconds or approximately 47 years to crack. Using 12 characters would further increase this to around 500 000 years.


Keep in mind that this is an overly simplified explanation (there are enormous lists available containing commonly used passwords, which is much easier to parse through), but the gist is that your passwords should be at the very least 10 or even 12 characters long. Also make sure to not save passwords in your browser.


For further recommendations, visit the privacytools website. They have a section dedicated to password managers, as well as other means to protect you online.


I personally use Bitwarden, it's easy to set up and just works. It's also Privacytools' top password manager pick.

For 2FA, I use Microsoft Authenticator. It's as easy as it gets, but also made by the famously privacy-ensuring company Microsoft.

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