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  1. it's just you then, and you're still wrong about what's the problem, I will be happy to explain it after event but not now ^^ So you say you can't make more hamstrings than dogs at x time? Dude, you'd make more hamstrings, and end up killing dogs with single hamstring, if it was pve competition. You are just assuming that every boss should work same way, which would be boring in the end, also, you're saying this been problem for long time, yet I see all the complaints coming just now, shows perfectly the point why you all are here.
  2. You can't kill poison, you can't kill ham, but you can kill dogs, this boss just decided not to bite them, simple as that. There's no complain about this on any other raids/pvp scenario now, it's been fixed already few months ago if I may remind you. Maybe it's just you, lack of buffers or something, even charmers got outdmged by other classes several times, just the fact people complain more than try see actual effort for try other ways, as I noticed there's other servers who already winning charmers ^^ You're clearly pointing the author of this topic, he's the one who discussed about this wrong description back to point, you can't "kill" any other skill but the dog,(you can fail skill and benefit with relic yes) up to you if you want/can kill it or not, maybe bosses need skills for kill those minions but they're not that smart yet
  3. there's every year changes on raid bosses as well, FOR REASON, so it's not always ranger-friendly (sorry), also you're pointing high while lack of effort to try, it doesn't work like that, we didn't get all bosses even with charmers, it's just you who are lack of something, amps or right weapons, I don't see many of your team having 32 atk str weapons either, while opponents have +10 32 weps. Rage isn't permament, Charmer needs way more than you imagine, it's not same than speed class doing auto hits and gaining easy rage through it, charmer needs trigger it harder than that. When you inspect this topic creator you see his total 3 posts on forum, tells enough that this whole topic was made by your own guild member (phalanx) which has charmer but yet can't use it properly, and it only works bad to your situation on those bosses, so what? Do you think every boss should be just good to same characters? This game idea is tp have variety of ways and builds, not just one pattern that fits everywhere, indeed there might be unfairness at some classes, but we both know there won't be changes until next class update, it's exactly same as last year seekers didn't get nerf on their agroing style for gain more damage.
  4. It's not "permanent" obviously, you need rage for trigger it, and for trigger rage even almost "permanently", you must be millionaire for achieve high amount of rage, charmer doesn't have speed nor many skills which could trigger rage so, there it takes plenty of time for "perma" it, you can't just have good stats without losing another, which been this game idea for long time. Since charmer was made its most strength was supposed to be help of summoned pets, so why can't it be its most damage source as well, removing it would make it charmer rely on nothing but attack speed, which isn't their purpose.
  5. Charmer's original idea was using summoned class, nobody said it is just support class, support class = heal, you think charmers focus heal if they make physical build?
  6. So, other dps class outdmg other dps class? Who said charmer can't be dps? Never insult charmer a tank again
  7. Other classes can use skills too before rage is on, and benefit from the rage when it turns on, same on every class, don't you see?
  8. This looks so good from the pencil who said "disto book was only thing that balanced ranger" before it got nerf
  9. You are the only one who doesn't get it, relic works as it is supposed to work on every class, although you can try suggest it to be changed on next skill/relics rework.
  10. This relic works same way on every class, if you don't believe, try it yourself, it's just description bug
  11. Which class can have op heal, damage and def same time? I don't think skill points is enough for that on any class. Seekers have crit dmg skill, no? do you see chiefs having it? Dog crit 5k? sharpen your mc-glasses please, I see how gaming community works now, why elfs get always buffed
  12. Azerbaizan


    so you're saying you've tried with full pt of 32 weapons? I don't think so
  13. Azerbaizan


    I suggest check your statements right, melee charmer doesn't benefit with critical damage, rogue has as well crit dmg skill, so it's just amplification competition after all
  14. Yes, and I think other servers want that information too.
  15. Now I found the "gaming community" in action, shame on you, shame! But you can buff chiefs and deathknights in peace, thanks! Pretty sure without me here commenting this very topic they would've added HP skill to bd already See you on next gaming community meeting, fellas.
  16. Oh I see, I hope there's adjusting on mermen gvg later as well, current system rather Puck first round is Legion vs Sentinels, quite tiresome sometimes get same over and over again⛄
  17. @Holmesis this matchmaking alright? Some people with 9lv meets 12 guild on snow GvG.
  18. I agree to this even without reading, pve players must have something useful to do besides the dgs. Almost every gvg based on pvp is kind of tiring, we remember how hyped we were for pve when bg tower came.
  19. emerald down, @Nolan is it possible to get chests from invasion of chaos- GvG according the current rating before server down?
  20. seems like mana regeneration is still same. Also, should the mermen 2nd skills consume energy regeneration, or not?
  21. *watches the ground at right side of western caravan camp at elf side with 1-yard possibility to cross* there's couple of disadvantages and advantages, not just on classes but war/gvg/bosses/events, look at elf side dynamic near grotto, and compare it to mc-side one, someone getting their plate served to bed, no? you can compare chief and seeker on pvp/war, which one can actually use stealth skill, which not. Warden was unkillable for year, maybe on next class update it'll change. But I honestly hope devs will check out the ground fairness on dynamics/wars too, not getting separate map for other dynamic boss while not giving it to other, LoL
  22. Can I join to the community? I really feel it consists of sentinel-players only😬
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