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  1. it even comes when we are on dg. So it's not just world event
  2. You dont actually have to delete anything, because those chars are as well full of gift stams from earlier events. people came up like this way long time ago, going 6lv dgs for costume events on weekly rating tournament, getting easy points on last snow side vs side tournament, and it was not changed, so I dont think why it would change now. Not like I'm into it or against it, either way it costs time to someone doing it, I think it is pretty cool if it costs time only, that's proves it's not just pay to win on this scenario, but just the effort
  3. Yeah, there's one guy using stams mostly. But I think anyone can do this way, not just them I've waited for it years and years, but every spring I get disappointed
  4. no, but probably hadnt on mind either people to spam at all 6 level dg for get weekly reward versus those who did 32 level dg, however it just happened. I think it doesnt matter as long someone spend stams there.
  5. it's same as ppl going 6lv dg for get 1st rank on weekly; it been happened for years, nobody's saying it's cool, but nobody stopping you/your friends from doing the same. It is just that "most active" wins on these
  6. *meanwhile there's still a 14lv cloth armor with crit and hp, but not magic damage*
  7. let's say, nerfs will come maybe year after when more people complain about this (and more people paid millions for this) , same as we saw with distortion. People said "distortion gave balance to any class" while it made anyone immortal (with combination of other life steal books, yes) , we see this again, people spends millions, and when time comes up, it may get nerfed. It's pricy because it is op, as we knew people buying distortion first for 2-3m then for 15m later, just because it made people unkillable. Not only magic resistance book is overpowered, it's also orcinus book, for some of classes. Let's say, a chief could run with pretty max cd on pvp, having nonstop 40% rugged hide skill on, maybe bds power of blades skill might be op with that too? Charmer would be able to have block skill active even with low cd, or a priest/sham doubled heal, or stronger shield? For having a little chance win against magic resistance book is simply use "buffing build" , but it's not fun because you have to change it all over again versus other players.
  8. Azerbaizan

    Test server

    If you recently changed your password on real server, the older pw will work on test
  9. guilds is lack of ranks, some uses heir for ap skill but definitely not leader type, there's too many heirs who shouldn't have leadeship. There been couple of times when guild leaders even quit suddenly due bad real life situations, my leader became inactive and later we heard she was sick, then we asked to support to get leadeship, and we got it luckily, few years ago. There should be indeed a time limit for transfer leadership, because guild is normally a investment of many people, the bigger guild, the more roles people has there. I think would be great for leader to choose seconth, even third leader(just as they choose guild commanders) , who takes over after a limit of inactivity, if none of these would be online, oldest heir in guild should get the leadeship.
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