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picking on mountain clans/forsaken?


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I realized that many of the minor class edits for warspear were aimed at the mc side. Im not sure why when there are problems on firstborn that you do not even bother to fix or consider.


Shaman quake smaller range? But druid still has the overpowered root that goes for way tol long during pvp and also does not allow to use skills? Also those damn bees. In the discriltion. It cleaerly said they were meant to slow an enemy down. Not get gangbannged so hard u die. Those damn things do so much damage. Its not slowing down its killing basically.


Stealth rogue. Well I agree with this one buttt. Bladdancer hamstring?? Seriously? First we have a class with 2 weapons. And now he can somehow attack an enemy frombrange? Why dont we let it use a  bow aswell? Hamstring is an overpowered skill. Im sure many would agree. Once you trapped in that thing you cant use skills. And you get damage over time. That really doesnt sound fair. Does 3 things. Range stun DOT.


Necromancer hp cosume 4% bad for long boss farms especially pvp.priests dont have any of thos disabilities and they got an extremely overpowered skills which basically gets rid of all your mana if youget wrong timing. Gm doesnt care to look into that?


So yeah. Im not really sure why your picking on the montain clans when cleaerly we arnt the ones which need all the negative attention when there are 3 overpowered skills on firstborn that you are not focusing on.

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to me firstborn dont have overpower skillls, what i know is they have balanced skills. devs put them in to balance everything, devs are not stupid on making skills overpower to them. if mc/saken have the good stuff, where the challange in warspear. this is war and war should be equiped with good skills.

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"Picking on mountain Cans/Forsaken"



Have you heard of a Warlock? You think that you get picked on? Warlocks can stun anyone for most of the fight while they heal themselves slightly and quickly drain your health.



Necromancers can easily use nightmare on you in 2v2 arena (which lasts forever as long as no one attacks you) and then they kill your partner while you sleep.



Shamans. Their earthquake needs to be made smaller- it hits so many targets and stuns them. Also, you think that bladedancer's ranged stun is overpowered? A half decent shaman can make sure a bladedancer doesn't touch them while they kill them easily.



Rogues can make sure that the enemy gets 0 damage- Stealth>Crit>Gouge>Hit>Hit>Dead



Barbarians and Deathknights counter kiting classes by using their stun skills.



If anything, the only overpowered class in Elf/Chosen side is the Ranger with their blessing. To be honest, Mountain Clans/Forsaken need to be "picked on" more...


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