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  1. Just for people who wish to practice on their own without having to worry about control effects from other players. __ There are actually already some practice dummies in ayvondil and some map 1 maps. Maybe just increase the HP of those and add a few more in other towns.
  2. With grey mobs(rabbit,mouse etc) being the only things that have no defense whatsover , people often have to go around searching for these thongs just to see their attack damages. Also, you can't really use them to practice your fighting styles/combos so its kinda useless. Idea: Make various training dummies around each of the towns/maps in arinar. This would be a good addition as it would help people focus on perfecting their fighting styles and perfecting their character. These dummies play the role of rabbits and mouses etc. They do not have any defense, and they do not attack. But they will have a much greater amount of hp ( maybe 100-200k) depending on the town. This will help as it would cater for the players who have actually finished cl and can't use that buyer up as a punching bag xD. Hope ya liked.
  3. Agreed, the rewards for the events may be a bit too high. They can be adjusted according to what the gm/Deva want I guess. There will be other events added that have waiting periods of longer times. These shouldn't be too long as they should relive the Bordem of players and make them want to keep playing .
  4. I'm not really aiming to repeat already posted topics, but instead make a huge compilation of events that players want in the game based on what I've seen in forums. And BTW. 2 and 3 are the same. Also, I completely forgot myself in making some of those posts xD -- Updated.Enough votes for yes may just make then consider it hah. Game is gets boring too fast.
  5. there have been so many suggestions regarding small event that players can participate in whilst you work on your major projects. the game gets boring pretty fast cus you simply dont add things that will keep players hooked. ill fill this with suggestions of events ive seen throughout of the forum so ya see what i mean. other than that, just submit your answer in the poll for weather you want Events in warspear or not. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Man Standing (event occurs every hour) people get teleported into one massive map and simply, the objective is to be the last man standing. you have to kill people and stay alive. once you die, you get teleported back to where you were and you cannot enter the event again, untill the next hour where it starts again. The winner can get: 10k gold, 30cc, a set of surprise chests. this event is only for inside allys competetion(meaning no elfs and fbs cus there wouldnt be a last man standing) The event will be sperated into current arena levels. Last Faction standing (event occurs every 2 and a half hours)Just like last man standing but this time you are fighting for your faction, it can be split up into: forsaken, mountain clans, chosen, first born. the system randomly chooses which side will be versing which. when in the war map, you simply fight for your faction, if you die, you cannot go back, but you can watch to see which faction will win. the winning faction shall get rewards of: 10k gold, 30cc, a set of surprise chests. i like last faction standing alot cus it would be interesting to see what would be the strongest faction in warspear, haha. --for these 2 suggestions, as the number of people in the map die, players get teleported into a slightly smaller map to prevent people from hiding. EG: 5 peole left, they will be teleporrted into a map where there are no corssings-- IMPORTANT to prevent congestion in this map, there can only be a limited amount of people who are able to enter each time. eg, 100 people for Last Man Standing at a time. BUT..... to cater for the people who missed out on the event because they were too late to sign up, the players who have already done the event, cannot do it again for the next one but can do it again for the one after. may sound confusing but it would really help! Example: Person joined last man standing he won/lost(doesnt matter) waits for the next last man standing event to begin menu>events>last man standing INFO: sorry, you cannot join this event again, come back for the next one. so he cannot do it two times in a row, but it has to be seperated to allow for people who didnt get a chance to do it before. Capture The Flag (event occurs every week) still to come.................. Last Class Warrior remaining (occurs every week, but various on class) still to come...... From TheQuestion(slightly modified): TOWN RAIDS a message pops on on world chat saying: First faction to invade elfs town one and kill their leader, gets 10k gold each + suprise chests(personal to prevent spam) + 100cc
  6. im sorry to say this but looking at various threads on peoples opinions on the game at its current state, its not really looking too good . the game has changed alot but you guys(devs/gm etc) dont really include us(players) in the making of your upcomming updates. you usually announce updates then wait for our opinions. BASICALLY: what im saying is that you should include us(players) in future updates that you are planning. if your considering adding something in the game, instead of discussing it with your teams, why not post it on the forum to see what we think about it before you decide to release it. most of your updates are just mostly things that youve been thinking of yourselves without really looking at what we want. before this game was #1 in best game now it got pushed down . what you think will happen if you start including us in your plans and upcomming updates? more people will be pleased and very few complaints will come. EG: -random arena teleport map: players want it gone, it still stays? why? -necromancer and deathknight life draining effects: countless repetetive posts on this to be lessend/removed/modified, but nothing? why? -no 1v1 in arena: players have requested this countless amounts of times, still nothing? -personal warehouses: very common suggestion, not there? there are plenty of other things that us players have wanted in the game in general but you guys seem to just say no, or not even reply at all. IDEA: make a new subject(idk a name) on the forum where you developers/gms etc post questions on the game modifications that you are planning to do so that us players can vote/give our opinions on what your about to add into the game before its actually there. also another subject can be added into the forum where you show all suggestions that you are considering so we can say our thoughts. example: you are planning to remove/modify that random teleport map in the game warspear forum>>planned changes>>thread for removing random teleport map> explain what your gonna do to it and add a poll>> players vote and at the end of that week, the map's fate will be decided by the number of people who want it to stay or be removed. -- and yes i know, the suggestions forum is already a place for people to share their thoughts on what they want added into the game but, this subject will be for gms to ask us players(using mainly polls and short descriptions) what they want inlcuded/modified/removed in the game. it should help in communication between players and devs/gms so that the game is more based on what people want rather than them adding what they think will be good. so yeah thats it, i really hope you ALL take a minute to consider this cus look at what has happened to warspear over teh years, its grown and grown, but people are just getting sick and tired of it at the same time. it would be good to add this so that the game becomes more people based and not just them making the updates. lets try get #1 again
  7. If you're a frequent PvP, PvE er, this is the suggestion for you! when it comes to tryna farm lab, doing quests etc and you find an enemy player who is tryna kill you and your using your pve gear, it could often take alot of time for you switch to pvp gear so that you can fight and not die. this suggestion comes from alot of other games that ive played and have reckoned it would be a good addition to warspear. HOW IT WORKS: a load out is basically a set of things that saved into your profile and can easily be called upon to easily switch from one thing to the other. 1.the player starts off by going into: menu>equipment and equipping some gears that they want to save.once they equip those gears. inside the equipment menu. 2. after the player has equiped gears, he then goes to menu(inside equipment),>(new button)save load out> the game then asks what you would like to call it(pick a name for those set of gears) 3. the game then adds it into the load out list where if you are trying to switch gears very fast all you do is go to: menu?equipment>menu>load outs> pick the ones you have saved. SCENARIO: "lallalalalala, just killin some boars in t4..... oh so peaceful ... lalallalalaallala....." SUDDENLY! you see heaps of elfs comming from up top!! DANANANANNADNDNANDNDNDANDNANAA. "Oh no! Elfs", you then kill the last boar. quickly go into menu>equipment>menu>load outs>pvp> ATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKKKKKKKK!!! victory !!!!!!! thats it. hope ya liked guys
  8. This suggestion is just a way for people to vs each other in lage quantities(free for all) to see who will come out as being the Last Man Standing! I do see what you mean tho
  9. Also. The system message can be replaced with likr an events npc which teleports players into upcomming events. The npc can be located in all towns. Or a new button menu>events>Last man standing
  10. Can you devs and gms please start to think about the bordem problems in this game. The game has no way to hook players and keep them entertained other than............................... Instead of doing these massive updates, can you also focus on the small things to keep us entertained. Hes an idea that ive seen in many games and could be added to warspear male the game more interesting ! Last Man Standing this can be an event that occurs each HOUR interval ! This is how it works: system message: LAST MAN STANDING is about to beginDo you want to join?( the player clicks yes or no etc) When the player presses yes. After 5 minutes. Everyone who has agreed to sign up gets teleported into a massive map where a countdown like arena begins and then you fight. The objective of the game is to not die and kill as many people as you can Once everyone is dead except for one player. The event ends and the winner gets a reward(can be like. 10k gold, cc, etc). in the next hour, it gets repeated again. -- also to avoid congestion, the map will bigger than most arena maps and everyone will be teleported to random places in that map. the event is also split up for different levels. Just like arena lvls.(eg 15-18. 19-20 etc.) HOPE YOU LIKED.
  11. lol ;D . the ideas that i have inputed are JUST IDEAS. devs can think of other ways to help new players level up rather than doing 2000+ quests :good:
  12. Remember guys, not everyone has the free time to be leveling all the time :) Think of the new players. After all this game was made for mainly mobile use. its not like WoW, whcih you are actually intended to be playing the game for long periods of time to actually get somewhere.
  13. I just realised, now that after a long time, you began to start to increase the level cap for all players. id imagine level 30 is not that far off? im wondering, is it such a wise idea? not that im not looking forward to level 30 and all the cool new benefits and side updates that come with it but you should really think about: new players, free time, quest completion rates. basically, it takes about a full day to go from level 1-13 in for mcs and forsaken. and maybe 2-3 days for forsaken and chosen. im not sure about the other levels like 13-15 but id imagine they are longer. and dont forget. the player is stuck with daily quests and norlant swamps, and some new ayvondil quests untill they reach the new maximum level 22. imagine how long it would take to reach that level? and im mainly concerned for the new players. theyll play the game, see that it will take them forever to level up, play lesss, and eventually forget about the game. POSSIBLE SOLUTION - start thinking about other ways to learn experience from not just quest but other things. one idea could be that you look into giving experience from arenas from players who have reached a level of 15 or higher(to also save the people who like making arena chars.). this could just be for the 5 daily arenas that you give all players. after the player has finished those arenas, they gain possibly 15-30 experience? for that day only, to avoid spamming. -giving experience from dungeons. after succesfully completing a dungeon, why not provide the player with some experience as well? for each dungeon completed they get expereince varying on the diffficulty of the dungeon! also, you only get experience from those 5 staminas you get each day. to also prevent spams. NOTE: there can also be other ideas of gaining exp, these are just a few i think would really help alot. because you dont want to make it so that players gain experience from monsters like most games and i completely understand why, here are a few safe alternatives. PS: i know you will be rolling out the new levels slowing and not just instantly make the new level cap 30. but yeah, new players will still come when they new cap is 30. and after leving for weeks to get a mesely level 15, they still have 15 more to go. Hope you liked. Feel free to input some other methods to add for extra experience gains :)
  14. HERES A POSSIBLE FIX: instead of using teleports that the player ahs to walk to in order to go to another base. why not just make one whole bug teleport? not only will it stop people from standing in that arena map to see gives up on waiting and just attacks. automatic random teleporters can be placed on each sections of the map which take all the players to a part of the map separately. the teleports can maybe go every 10 secconds. and then randomize the arena once again. this would make the map much more interesting. Steps: 1. Demand arena 2. get into the map that people HATED :P 3. once the countdown from 10 finishes, every player will be randomly teleported to a specific section on the map 4. after 10 secconds or so, the system then again teleports the whole map randomly to one of the areas and yeah thats it, fight till someone dies. the physical teleports can still stay incase someone gets teleported into a place with no enemies. this idea is just to stop people from standing in arena waiting for someone to cave and teleport to them. This could event just be used as a whole new map. hope you liked ;)
  15. oh, I completely forgot about those devices...... Thanks Perhaps they could also double press the number of where the skill is assigned
  16. not a really big problem, but it would be beneficial to have it fixed.
  17. That could be a better option for PC users, ill add it in :) that doesnt really make sense :L
  18. Thatll just defeat the purpose of it being a quick usage mechanism. 2 secconds may not seem big but it really matters when you are under alot of pressure. it happens.
  19. the double tap is meant to be fast that way it does not interfere with pressing again to remove the skill. its just like opening a folder on a computer or something. also the hotkey idea is pretty good, but dont forget, we only get limited slots within our skill/item spaces and to have extra things like that added could just cause a mess. anyway, its just an optional button in settings for people who struggle with problems like this. you can always enable/ disable depending on your preferences ;)
  20. Some people just don't understand.....lol it doesnt only apply to healers. its for whichever class has skills that can be casted on themselves or another player. and with the upcomming updates, im pretty sure more classes will get that option ratehr than just healers them selves. sigh. its just an easy acces to skills that can be usefull to a player when they are by themselves or just about to die. double tap(or click etc) a skill and it will do it on teh caster itself. im not sure how you got that confused with what your mentioning :nea: Like i said, there can be an option added into the settings whether a player wants to have this functionality or not. it would be very useful in arenas(where your are being targeted), as tehre would be alot of people around you and could confuse you. also, you miss interpreted the double tap wrong. its just like a fast double tap. not a slow one. just like opening a folder on your computer. surely you werent really thinking that if you press it twice 'norma;;y' it will heal yourself? :nea: --- Hopefully you guys understand the concept now. lol
  21. Ever had times where you are in a battle and it comes down to the last point ij where tour hp is very low and you need to say heal/shield or anything like that? This had already been suggested before but it wasnt clear and left people confused. Basically it works by someone double tapping a skill that they need to use. Bear in mind that it only works for skills that can be applied to other people (support skills , heal , shield etc) When someone is to double tap this skill. The game automatically asumes that the player wants to heal himself rather than someone else. This could really help in those sticky situations when your hp is very low and you have slow finger movement. Also when tour about to die. Also you can add an option in settings whether you want to enable this feature. Edit: if you may seem to think that double tapping the skill could cause problems, heres another alternative. instead of that, once a player clicks on the skill, it appears on top of the HUD. why not make it so that you can just click that apeared skill aswell if you want it to cast on yourself. image below. Edit: This could also be another option... Thank you :)
  22. New and improved map layput 1. Ima also change how I write this suggestiom so its easier for people to understand
  23. basically the title explains it all. ever had a time where you just wana see ur natural weapon and not the skin for some time? why not make a button like hide/show head gear for weapon skins so we wouldn't have to get it off and waste miracle coins and or gold.
  24. Yeah basically this suggestion is only when the reward for guild tournament is basically the same but varying is aesthetics etc
  25. I was just oookin through some of the tournament rewards and I came to think of why you dont let guilds choose what reward they want (costume) When you make costumes for guild rewards. You choose colour varioations depending on what the winner is (1st 2nd 3rd). Ive been thinking. Where not setup a system where at the end of the tournament. Let guilds choose what costume they want? Im saying this because ive seen times when a particular guild is stuck with a costume they dont actually like. So basically im suggesting that you set up a sytem for guild where they choose what costume they want... and im not saying each individual person chooses what costume they want. At the end of thr tournament a notification pops up for all members of the guild (can just be heirs/leaders depending on whatever the leader decides) asking what costume you want..(like a voting poll) Everyone picks a costume and the costume that was voted the most inside the guild is the one that everyone gets. After that thr 2nd place guild gets showrd the voting poll then the third gets the remainder. Hope you agrre, this should fix guilds who worked hard for first place only to be stuck with costume they dont really like the look/colour choices of. And it also makes rank a huge part of this because as the saying goes: first in first served. or something like that Thanks for reading!
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