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loyal to berengar

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It's a dark and dangerous time for the Firtsborn and the Chosen warriors, the Mountain clan and the Forsaken is stronger now then ever. They have been destroying city by city and now they are gonna attack the Dinalt Knight's Citadel. If the citadel will fall, there will be no hope left. The Firstborn and Chosen have to make a choice, either stay and fight til the end and die in honour or flee and rebuild their empire...


A young and brave warrior named Sayton thinks that they should stay and fight til end and save his citadel. But the old and wise priests thinks they should flee and rebuild their empire.



- Sayton, we can't stay here and fight, we will die. One of the priests said.

- So you are going to leave irselnort in darkness? Sayton said

- Sayton if we flee we can rebuild and then confront the evil mountain clan and the forsaken. a priest said

- It is our destiny to save irselnort from the evil, you remember? We all have sworn to berengar we would defeat the evil. Sayton said and were starting to get frustrated.

- Vermar, get the ship ready, we will leave tonight. One of the priests said and totally ignored what Sayton said.

- Well then. i will have to ask you, will you fight til the end and if we die, we die in honour? Sayton asked.

The priests didn't answer they just looked at eachother.

- If thats what you want, so be it. But i wont give in for the evil, i will fight... Sayton said and left the priests



It's getting dark outside and the Firstborn and the Chosen were getting on board the ship. But at the same time the Mountain clan and the Forsaken were getting closer to the citadel. And it was starting to rain, it was years ago since it rained last time and Sayton had a bad feeling about that.


- Sir, why arent we leaving irselnort with the rest of the Firstborn and the Chosen. a guard said

- They are afraid of the evil, thats why they are leaving. Are you afraid? Sayton asked the guard

- Well no... no im not afraid of the evil, i have sworn to berengar that i would...  ,the guard said and got interrupted by Sayton

- So did they, they are traitors to berengar! Sayton said and turned around to the rest of his troop.

- Are we going to let the evil take over irselnort? Are we going to give in for the darkness? Are we gonna give up because they are many more then us?

-NO! the troop shouted and at that very moment there was Forsaken and Mountain clan warriors coming into the citadel and started to fight right away.



There was bodies and blood everywhere, it was pouring down rain and the Mountain clan seemed to win the battle. Sayton kept on fighting no matter what, he was a great warrior and he had slain more enemies then the Mountain clan and Forsaken slain together. But he was getting tired. He couldn't hold on any longer. And suddenly he got stabbed in the back, and he fell to the ground. All of his allied were dead. He was lying on the cold wet ground and then he looked at the ocean. He looked at the ship that were going futher and futher away. He have lost the battle and a tear was slowly going down his cheek, and he said:

- Why did you leave us, YOU LEFT US HERE TO DIE!

Sayton took a last breath and then he closed his eyes and never opened them ever again.




well thats it, idk if it's good im not that good of a writer, and not a good story teller too. however tell me what you think.

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Good one, I would like to see a this story as a video someday :good:

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Good one, I would like to see a this story as a video someday :good:


thank you  ;D  i were gonna make it longer but i had to remake it 1 time because i accidently closed down forum  :bad: so i was too tired to make it longer :pardon:
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