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[2020.06.12] 12th Anniversary of Warspear Online!

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Dear friends!


On this remarkable day, we want share the joy of celebrating this holiday with you! You, our players, each so different but all caring for the development of our project, remain the sturdy foundation for it, throughout all its lengthy journey.

Looking back, remembering all highs and lows, we understand that all of that was necessary to keep moving forward, adapt, develop and grow with you. We have an incredible common history together! And ahead of us is no less exciting of a route, new interesting events, ideas and plans. It is a great honour for us to have your trust and love for the project, becoming like family.


Additionally, next 3 days will bring extra surprises:

  • x3 Guild Points for completing all Dungeons
  • the Miracle Shop stocked full collections of celebratory haircut sets and smileys, with a 50% discount: sets of the Devil's Barber, Evil Barber's, Demon Barber's, Christmas Hair Stylist, Polar Barber's and Snow Barber's; smileys "Red Hot Jalapeño Peppers", "Bats", "Skull", "Crafty Pumpkins", "Terrible Clowns", "Unicorns", "Festive Kolobki", "Keeper of World Creation", "Jolly Penguins", "Winter", "Toads" and "Pirate Gang"


Deal begins: 12.06 10:00 CEST

Deal ends: 15.06 10:00 CEST


Congratulations once again and we’ll see you in the game!

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