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#1 Pro Ranger

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We also report that the whole team goes on vacation until January 9, and we cannot provide you with technical support. Please use our forum where you may find help.



Devs on vacation
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Do devs support rich customers or rules?  :facepalm:


They stand by the EULA rules and it doesnt matter how much MC you spent. If they have good proof they will ban you and they offer no help to rule breakers. With that said I do feel like aigrind could hire a person or two working only with issues consearning rules and scamming. Right now I think this is up to the support/dev team which already is swamped with other form of player problems and support tickets.

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Ranger.......    if u no run.....  U DIE !!!  so you are good only for one thing into that game --- Running -

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