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  1. One of my friend stoped playing or died even because he left the game without saying anything and he was my guild leader too and im the only member in that guild that still plays the game and its been 112 days🥱 .. what will happen to that guild .. will i ever became guild leader ??
  2. У меня возникла проблема, я нечайно удалил почту к которому привязан аккаунт, а от аккаунта забыл пароль! Что мне делать ?
  3. Can u guys show to me new relics and best for pve ..rare relic
  4. Забыл пароль отправил его на мыло пришла ссылка чтобы заменить пароль я захожу пишет что это действие недоступно что форум закрыт с 27 по 9число,
  5. Hello guys.. first time playing this game.. kinda love how simple it is.. i tried many class, finally pick death knight due to Dark Shield design. and due to some youtube montage of death knight solo boss. i'm kinda casual player.. so i might dont have friends in-game since i might play 1 hour daily at most.. can Death Knight solo all the boss/dungeon/mobs in game? i curious to know.. looking for detailed answer :D thanks
  6. Hola buenos días el otro día me invitaron al juego y ps llevo ya jugando buen tiempo en fin invite a mi hermano para jugar yo estaba jugando en pc y el en su cel de un día para otro se sale del juego le borran la cuenta no le aparece no borro el cache ni nada simplemente ya no podía entrar a su cuenta es cierto que no confirmo su cuenta pero se le podría recuperar es que tenemos tiempo jugando seria una putada no poder recuperar dichos items.
  7. Hi, My account is currently blocked. When would the technical support team be available to unblock my account?
  8. I pay money in this game but I did not get game currency in the game I want to know how to solve this problem and get respond from authority
  9. Hi , i am making new build for my paladin , it will be for lvl 26 2h magic hammer with lifesteal not intended for pvp . so i made 10+ different combinations , and the thing is i dont know how much is enough , how much is at least needed and so on(i dont think any of these are too much) . so the biggest differences between the builds are: hp 4300-4800-5100-5400 cd 20%-22%-24%-26% lifesteal 26%-28%-30% my main purpose is to sustain as much as possible , so i can solo the things i want to. I dont have all the items so i cant test it my self , so maybe some
  10. I'm not sure how to say this but it is really confusing to quest, at least for me, I don't really look at the stories, maybe I should. I am going to sleep right after this, so I am wondering if there is a step to step guide on 1. Where to go after a certain level 2. How to transit from a place to another(How to get quests on other islands) 3.How to complete some infamous hard quests. I really wish this guide exist or is more available to the public. But hours of searchings to no avail, so if maybe someone can guide me or post a level 1-28 guide in the forums, I and the future generation of War
  11. Hey there, I'm quite new to game and I was wandering which class should I choose Necromancer or Shaman? I'm asking because there is going to be a new update soon and I don't know what will be more fun and more meta. Thanks for answers!👌
  12. Hi! New player here. Loving the game so far and discovering so much depth every time i play it. I have hit lvl 12 Ranger, had so much help ingame from higher lvl players, however i do not seem to understand how to progress.. What i mean exactly, is that i am finishing quests, levelling up, trying to sell junk, making some gold, but it's unclear when to: - move to another area - start dungeons - start crafting - buy equipment ... I have read many guides and everything seems vague.. If at lea
  13. SELAMUN ALEYKÜM KARDEŞLERİM İnşallah iyisinizdir, yeni başlayan, bir süredir oynayan veya uzun soluklu oynayan kişiler Türkçe foruma hoş geldiniz. Ben 5-6 yıldır bu oyunu oynuyorum bazen ara verdim bazen hiç durmadım. Toplanmak, yardımlaşmak, sorular sormak, veya şu forumu da birazcık canlandırmak için buraya toplanın :) Yakın bir zaman sonra oyuna döneceğim, hali hazırda bir loncamız da mevcut. Birkaç arkadaş elf tarafında oynuyoruz. Yabancılarla oynamak bazen sorun oluşturduğu için, gece vakitleri saat 1'de oyunun günlük görevleri yenileniyor. Hiç beklemeden Ayvondil haritasında ki 85k/
  14. Good morning,Good afternoon,Good night, As all players of warspear know, start the game of 0 and very difficult, it is logical that no one has obligation to help other players but it is very difficult for those who are starting to play if they develop in the game, the game itself does not support for new players "yes there is help" but I speak for myself I started to play alone with no one to help me so I was able to develop in the game after 1 year, for the new players who are almost inpatient uninstall the game before picking up lv 3. There really is not much to do but ... To influence
  15. Hello i was playing and this 2 guys started insult muslim and arabs without reason i said to stop but they continued insulting i hope the support do something to stop this bad behavior and offenses and insult without reasons, they names was (Healallelf and Grenlandia) thank you so much support i will be grateful if it stop. Server Eu Emerald (elf side) The server is Eu - Emerald (elf side)
  16. we help peapol im having problems loging in
  17. Player Hundouluo (lvl 18 dk) blocks all questers at garraz, he is there the whole day,we( high lvl players) tried to stop he but he just continues it,and also he is saying like go bavk to ur mothers p*ssy you gay, and things like that to my 12 years old brother....which is kinda fcked up to be honest,please do something
  18. Binbasi and Yogamaster is a same user but 2 accounts, Dear Gm, please help us to get the guild Fukumc back, my friend Lordtaz which is the creator and the current leader of the guild was got very busy and he didnt know that the leadership will be passed if 9 days inactivity. Im the second in command of this guild, im also the leader of this guild, but this time Taz forgot to pass the lead to me, so the guild leadership has been passed to this guy that we didnt knew that was a scammer, taz made him heir so he could use exp skill. but we didnt expect that the leadership will be passe
  19. Good morning to all, my account Nikhili got scammed, it was not because of account trading but become of phone exchange...me thought to exchange my cell phone with my friend who too plays warspear with me, we exchanged our cell phone like about 3-4 months back but unfortunately he broke up my phone and i was left with no phone from last 3-4 months... when few days ago my cell phone came back from repair... i downloaded warspear and thought to play my druid but to the dismay i couldnt log in,, i tried hard for few time but couldnt sigin then i though ti should use warspear email forget helpdes
  20. Ребят я 13 лвл БД шмотки говно... где достать топ сет на БД? Расскажите по подробней! Если не тяжело! Кого бить? С кем идти? Может быть есть кто проведет меня за шмотками!
  21. Neverwin


    I was banned without explanation please help me
  22. Queenjazz


    I need help my weapon i paid for just randomly is gone and I can't buy any weapons from shops I don't have enough coins or not high enough level please help
  23. my names yihar ima level 19 rogue. im a player who dedicates time to helping low levels or newbies/noobs or players who are just new at all. if u get stuck on a quest or u need help. this thread is meant to have comments from both players who wish to help noobs and comments from actual noobs themselves who really do need help.
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