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  1. If i get permanent ban I'll be grateful i just dont want someone use my acc, i have many memories i meet many peoples there many friends lost acc or dont play anymore but some still log and talk with me unfortunately i dont have contact of all my warspear friends so i dont want somone ruin my history there Already sent but they was asking about Miracles's coins purchases ID so i dont have it, so i post here to have more proof that its me.
  2. Hello i come here ask for help in the day 21/05/2018 i entered in the game and it said wrong password im sure someone changed my passoword i can give everything to the administration to they check i play since 2011 i registered my account in my email but i changed it to an email thats is not real i used [email protected] so cant take it by reseting password but i have alot of pictures that prove its me and i can give even my personal info to show that im not a lier and in april i reported 2 guys and i posted here and you can see my name at world chat i was using my acc without problem. I sent a email to support but they asked my id when i bought coins but i bought it in 2013 if im not wrong so i dont remember it and i searched on my 3 emails and found nothing. I beg for ban my acc if i cant have it anymore because i play since 2011 and i dont have idea who changed my password, thank you Adms who work hard to make this a good game and sorry disturb you guys but please help me.
  3. Hello i was playing and this 2 guys started insult muslim and arabs without reason i said to stop but they continued insulting i hope the support do something to stop this bad behavior and offenses and insult without reasons, they names was (Healallelf and Grenlandia) thank you so much support i will be grateful if it stop. Server Eu Emerald (elf side) The server is Eu - Emerald (elf side)
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