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  1. bloodthisty skill isnt that good skill lol. skill need bleeding effect first on target. this skill is prefer pve than pvp battle. i hope death knight got some buff on that skills
  2. i hope next update reward for kill boss with 1m+ hp, increasing. not like reward kill mini boss 30k hp
  3. losing buff when solo vs monstee is not profitable for rangers, this expert skill need revamp
  4. Clearly this relic is not as good as what it says in the description, dev's habit of writing the description has always been inaccurate leaves the player confused.
  5. Until hp spawn hp 300k+ this relic wont work anymore .. And latest i try on faceless its work , but ... Only bar hp got lower not number of hp it self ,, lol .. This relic really has a problem.. Pls fix this devs
  6. Before i test on spawn its work .
  7. I try on mons with 85k hp and 1,7m hp (faceless) this relic not working . Name relic : terrible relic of deadly infection.
  8. anyone can explain , how work this relic on dark shield?
  9. Can u guys show to me new relics and best for pve ..rare relic
  10. as a dk user, I also feel what you feel, and experience the same. please dev can consider this.
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