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  1. Until hp spawn hp 300k+ this relic wont work anymore .. And latest i try on faceless its work , but ... Only bar hp got lower not number of hp it self ,, lol .. This relic really has a problem.. Pls fix this devs 😁😁
  2. Before i test on spawn its work .
  3. I try on mons with 85k hp and 1,7m hp (faceless) this relic not working . Name relic : terrible relic of deadly infection.
  4. anyone can explain , how work this relic on dark shield?
  5. Wantooho


    Can u guys show to me new relics and best for pve ..rare relic
  6. as a dk user, I also feel what you feel, and experience the same. please dev can consider this.
  7. Im build ls saturaion n huricane
  8. Both skill is suck combine , at least we should get 1k healing
  9. Reveinnorik promise to make this skill good ,, not increaseing energy cost.. This skill not better than before update , more riddiculus I will do everything aw aw aw , yea with increasing energy cost😅
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