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  1. Reveinnorik promise to make this skill good ,, not increaseing energy cost.. This skill not better than before update , more riddiculus I will do everything aw aw aw , yea with increasing energy cost😅
  2. Waiting a long time just for this 😡 i smell liar here. REIVENORIK COME OUT😤
  3. wait until now, and there is no skill update yet🤨
  4. My point is that it is proportional to the strength of WARDEN's healing skills, it doesn't mean that this class is weak or cannot do anything. Have you seen the strength of the warden's Skill heal ? 1k healing / BLOCK. and that is also the cause of mc's low population.
  5. as you can see. warden healing skill is too op Previously, DK also had a strong healing skill too. but unfortunately already nerf now, I have an idea how to return reverse as before. https://youtu.be/ZB5OgFyySs4 wouldn't it be interesting if both sides had equality
  6. Still waiting rework of this skill🤔
  7. please give a little profit to the death knight.😥
  8. 😒 10% hps n time effect too short😒 pls rework this skill devs
  9. I think this expert skill becomes very useless, in other words this skill becomes a failure after a change. please fix this .
  10. When i use red item gears FULLSET DARK SKIES ITS ONLY GIVE MAX HP IT HALF ,257x4 =1k+maxhp , but its only give me 500maxhp ????? What wrong ,., it is an bug??
  11. Wantooho

    Bug relic

    Today i found bug relic on my DK ,relic doesnt work when debuff skill resist .
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