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Found 7 results

  1. Please someone help me. My account was banned 2 days ago. But I don't know why and I don't find it logical at all. Because I have been playing this game for more than 10 years and I have always paid attention to the rules. Please help me, I want my account back. I'm sure I didn't do anything illegal. If I did it, I did it without realizing it. Please give it another chance.
  2. Venho pedir a ajuda de todos os membros do forúm, por gentileza votem no meu guia, a votação encerra-se no dia 29-03-2023. o link está disponivel a seguir! Obrigado!
  3. Вчера целую ночь не спал и в итоге пропустил школу. А все из-за того, что некр дно (или я). Мало того, что меня в пвп шмоте из тычки выносят и контроль через раз в сопру уходит. Да и еще и пробить никого не могу ни на грамм. Разумеется, класс поддержки и все такое. Но выходит, что я мега бесполезен. Мама говорит: "поменяй просто перса". Но как я могу? Варспир - это моя жизньь. А в жизни просто так, ты не можешь стать каким-то милым некрокотиком.. Поэтому остаеться либо суисайд (вайп), либо есть негр, который расскажет мне как не быть дном. Как пробивать, хотя бы кого-нибудь и вообще норм играть в пвп. Ну пожалуйста 🥺
  4. Я прошел ирс, на нём остались только ежедневные задания проходить. И по сюжету меня направили на айв, но там заданий нету. Что мне делать? Лвл у меня 16
  5. As you can my character, whenever I do DG at 20 I keep on dying, not in ringmaster area, mainly mobs and boss The most stupid shit is the boss, even after getting the health buff and with heal minion that stupid boss teleports to some stupid place use her attack slow me down and let out barrage of magical attack which does 200-1k DMG to me I mean I'm fed up I can't do shit with these characters, I'm not rich like others who have pro I'd But I do have full outlaw set for use at 20 and use normal craft accessories Now please I beg you to reduce their attack power or amount of hits they make cuz these characters have no self heal, they can't possibly survive in the DG without HiFi +7 equips and weapons Please do something or suggest me something I'm just pissed cuz even after using heal minion + heal scroll + event minion + health buff, I get crushed like an ant
  6. Hello I have written 3 emails asking for help zero response from the administration, you have 5days on answer and after 6-7 even you do not reply I am a player already quite long. I have two accounts I spent a lot of money on miracle coin and your response zero so can not be Administration should be worded even more with people paying in the game and it's not small money. ....... Once again mail, it has been 14-15 days since my emails and further 0 replies when will I wait? Do not write that you reply after 5 days as after 15 do not reply want to regain a silly account you probably do not want if you do not have enough people to hire my mail: [email protected] nick Woszczyk please reply to the email. So much money is given to your game and how much you need help you do not have time to read a stupid email
  7. After researching a lot and play with different classes, I chose to play ranger same. I know it's one of the most complicated classes at the moment of the game, especially in dis respect its defense and therefore their survival, but it is the kind of class that I like and always played in golds rpg's. There are several information somewhat useful about the class, but a lot of them are outdated, due to recurring updates and their dynamic changes of the same. Thus, someone who understands well the class could provide information / updated guides the class to help me? It would be more about the Skills, Items, crystals, runes, etc. If possible from the lowest level to the highest. Thank you very much in advance!
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