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  1. Thank you both! Really helpful, moving forward at a good pace now ! (I can't find the like/thank button here, i want to thumbs up these answers) I have one more question, regarding money making, i like the grinding aspect of games, and i'm attempting to grind the mats needed for the daily quest, i'm selling them for lower than average prices in the market, but they're not selling.. any tips regarding this? and/or any other moneymaking tips ? Thanks!
  2. Here's my bag currently.. not sure which is trash.. need space!
  3. Hi! New player here. Loving the game so far and discovering so much depth every time i play it. I have hit lvl 12 Ranger, had so much help ingame from higher lvl players, however i do not seem to understand how to progress.. What i mean exactly, is that i am finishing quests, levelling up, trying to sell junk, making some gold, but it's unclear when to: - move to another area - start dungeons - start crafting - buy equipment ... I have read many guides and everything seems vague.. If at least i can get an answer regarding 'when to move to another area' (which i supposed is by the Port?) would be enough of a tip for me Thanks in advance!
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