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Found 13 results

  1. Hi everyone, Today I'm going to talk about Chieftain's "Bear's Stamina" that works wrong. Lets put its definiton here; Instantly restores character's health in the amount of [%A] of the characters magic power and adds [%B] of the character's missing health. I tried it several times, recorded a video to see what it does. And I've found that its second hp filling works after the first. Let me explain; Lets think a chief has max 5000 hp, 1000 magic power and A=100 . When its hp reduces to 2000 and he uses the skill, firstly 1000 hp is restored as normal, no have any error here. After that, think B=10, it should restore more 300 hp because chief's most reduced hp was 2000 and max hp was 5000 (3000 missing health), but it restores 200 hp because computes after the first hp restoration. Second work of the skill is really useless in that way, also if u restore critical in the first work, the second one's effect is really getting bad. It will restore 100 hp in the example above. Thats all that I will say. Thanks.
  2. This guide is mainly divided into 3 parts. Base Skills/Expert Skills and Relic Choice PVE weapon and equip Choice Summary and quote ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.Base Skills/Expert Skills and Relic Choice 1).Base Skills Blow of the Spritis Ahhh,sry,i m exactly dont know this skill,because i m physical chieftain.i never use this. Eagle’s Eye energy expense: 16/18/20/22/24 CD: 12 sec duration: 4/4/6/6/8 sec introduce:Deals 30 / 40 / 40 / 50 / 60 magic damage within a yard every 2 seconds. According to the character's "critical hit" parameter, it applies bleeding (physical damage): it causes damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds, and each scale is 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30% of physical damage. Relic: Relic of Accuracy is Indispensable,thats means 12% accuracy easy got,like Free delivery. Base skill can use 4 different Relic,but i only introduce the necessary. My opinion:this skill is chieftain core skill,even physical chieftain also can use this skill make huge aoe dmg.the bleeding critical can make 2000! dmg 1 hit. Bear’s Stamina energy expense:14/16/18/20/22 CD:13 sec introduce:Increased the amount of healing from magical power: 100 \ 110 \ 120 \ 130 \ 140 %. Reduced the amount of healing from missing health:5 \ 7 \ 9 \ 10 \ 12 %. Relic:Physical chieftain havent magic,so if u want to recovery HP,u will thanks those Relic. My opinion:its chieftain only HP recovery skill,mixed or magic chieftain love it,in especial PVP。 Wolf’s Alacrity energy expense:14/17/19/22/24 CD:18 sec duration:4/5.5/7/8.5/10 sec introduce:The next automatic attack will cause additional skill damage of 120 \ 130 \ 140 \ 155 \ 170% of the enemy's physical strength and reduce the enemy's movement speed: 20% / 30% / 40% / 50% / 60% 2 / 3 / 3 / 4 / 4 seconds. speed change:speed change: 110%/120%/130%/140%/150%. Relic:increase physical power,There is no reason to refused. My opinion:Increase movement speed,MC only this one! and 170% power addition,what a beautiful skill! Thrashing energy expense:18/20/22/24/26 CD:18 sec introduce:You are not allowed to move 4 / 4 / 5 / 5 / 6 seconds within a 3x3 radius.Reduce 10/20/30/40/50% attack speed and power. Relic:when fight with Boss,this Relic is very good! My opinion:PVE not good,because BOSS Almost unaffected. 2).Expert Skills Frenzy energy expense:21/23/25/27 CD:20 sec introduce:3/3/4/5 attacks,40/40/45/45% physical power。 The skill will now additionally apply the “Stun” effect to the target for 2 \ 3 \ 3 \ 4 seconds if it’s under the effect of the “Thrashing” skill. My opinion:45%*5=225%,the most power addition skill, Frenzy+wolf=20000dmg/sec,and this skill can help us got rage buff, i have 6.8% rage,if use Frenzy,99.9% get rage buff. Cat Reflexes energy expense:14/16/18/20 effect: reducing energy regeneration by 5 \ 7 \ 9 \ 10 units. CD:8 sce introduce:Increases accuracy by 6 / 7 / 8 / 9% and critical hit by 10 / 12 / 14 / 16%. When missing, its accuracy will also be improved by 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 seconds of 7 / 8 / 9 / 10%. My opinion:this skill 1/4 is very practical,but unworthy 4/4,because Skill points are more worth using elsewhere. and my critical already full. Clan’s Help introduce: Wolf and Rat Clans:pene 3%/4%/4.5%/5.5%, Eagle and Cougar Clans:critical 10%/12%/14%/16%, Bear and Boar Clans:defence 20%/30%/40%/50%。 (my English is bad,suggest to view game's introduce......) My opinion:something is better than nothing,4/4 can take 50% defence,if u want to tank or solo dg. Rugged Hide energy expense:24/26/28/30 CD:30 sec duration:6/8/9/10 sec introduce: Injury reduction 12%/22%/32%/42%.In addition, for every 2.5% hp reduction, the injury reduction will increase by an additional 0.4/0.6/0.8/1%. My opinion:Divine skill,Strong injury reduction skills,this skill like barb's Skin,and better than it.if dont full this skill,maybe your wolf Increase movement speed will be useless,because u will go first then die.this skill will help u wait tank coming. Bestial Wrath energy expense:26/28/30/34 CD:28 sec duration:12/16/20/25 sec introduce:If the character is equipped with one handed weapons, the attack speed increases by 5 / 10 / 15 / 20%. If the character is equipped with two handed weapons, the attack speed increases by 5 / 7 / 9 / 11%. My opinion:physical chieftain have to 4/4,except u have speed book and rage speed book,but even so,i recommend 4/4 too. Support of the Pack energy expense:0 CD:22 sec introduce:Remove 1 / 2 / 2 / 3 of the gain from the enemy. In addition, restore 10 / 15 / 20 / 25% of the maximum energy. My opinion:PVE not good,because BOSS Almost unaffected.for example, this skill cant remove myth sea buff and cant remove spring boss buff yet.so.... its uesless for PVE. Spiritual Purification energy expense:24/26/28/30 CD:30 sec duration:3 / 4 / 5 / 6 sec introduce:Removes 1/2/3/4 debuffs from the character or ally,including control effect,also applies Foritude buff on the target 3/4/5/6 sec.Buff increase the Resistance parameter of the target by 100%.Additionally increase the effect duration by 1 sec.for each debuff removed. My opinion:what a nice skill,both in PVE and PVP,when you run 2022 spring dg, you can use this skill resistance Boss's fear skill,then 10 sec kill him.when you run myth nadir dg,you can use this skill resistance town debuff. its very practical if you know how to use it. Swooping Army energy expense:24/26/28/30 CD:22 sec introduce:4x4 area. Deal 35% / 45% / 50% / 55% mage damage to people standing in this area every second, and reduce dodge by 5% / 7% / 9% / 12%. Valid for 3 / 3 / 4 / 5 seconds. My opinion: magic or mixed chieftain need this, the best AOE skill,but we need'nt. Curse of the Plague energy expense:20/22/24/26 CD:22 sec introduce:25 / 30 / 35 / 45% mage DD per second within a mouse radius of 3x3. The mage deals damage to this area and cuts it. The probability is 25 / 30 / 35 / 45%. The duration is 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 seconds. The accuracy and CD are reduced by 10 / 15 / 20 / 25%. My opinion:i think even if magic chieftain never use this skill yet. It is worth noting that All Skills Reduced the energy costs for all skills by 1-2 units. but i dont know how to test this change,because i have 5/5 Frugality Talents. 2.PVE weapon and equip Choice Base skills: 5/5 Eagle’s Eye; 5/5 Wolf’s Alacrity; 3/5 Thrashing or Bear’s Stamina; Expert Skills: 4/4 Bestial Wrath; 4/4 Rugged Hide; 4/4 Frenzy; Its me! weapon If u have [Speed Book]:+7% attack speed. This double pene weapon is the best choice. Else U can use speed mace about this one Belt this is only choice.because chieftain can easy 50% critical. so belt both have pene/speed is best. Amulet Amulet have lots choice,the difference is pene or speed? And auto attack or rage or steal health? Maybe if u have full book and merman,amulet can use Energy recovery. Cloak Cloak also have lots choice,and the reason same as Amulet’s reason. But i need say that if u have enough energy recovery, If speed enough,energy recovery = pene; Because only ring and belt can use energy recovery crystal,and ring also can use pene crystal, So if cloak have energy recovery,and energy recovery enough,u can use a pene crystal replace a energy recovery crystal.(maybe its hard to understand) Ring Ring choice about accuracy and HP. (1/4)+guild lv11 buff+Relic of Accuracy Chieftain is No lack of accuracy. So i think neednt use accuracy’ring*2. If u have light merman(10/10 increase 20% accuracy),use HP ring*2 better! Armor There are cheap and effect. There are difficult to Gather together,and expensive more than Archipelago. There are the best! 2/4 merman+ 2/4 rage.everyone love this,but in EU emerald.there needs 12 million maybe. 3.Summary and quote Summary in summary: 1600+ dmg 50% critical 30%+ accuracy 60%+ speed 30%+ pene 30%+ CD Is a great chieftain need .All choices point to this goal. The guidance strategy may not be fair and objective, with a lot of subjective views. The chieftain has rich and diversified playing methods, and there are the best playing methods in different scenes. Due to the limited time and energy, I can't fully show the chieftain's playing methods of PVP, PVE, magic, mixed and other genres. Everyone has their own favorite genre. It's enough to stick to it and have fun! quote 1. Инфо по скиллам + билды и вариации. Как играть за вождя и против него? [Версия игры 9.3] ---Thewho,forum 2. [2021.12.13] Warspear Online Update 10.2. Preview. Part one ----Holmes,forum 3. #1 Paladin Guide - Zeus - US-Sapphire ---lallous,forum 4. www.wsdb.xyz/en
  3. First of all I want say the new rebalance is good, but not for chieftain type "HYBRID", we getting nerf with this: Dual Wield Specialization Added a 30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand. With this we getting a nerf, I know about elfs saying we are very stronger in damage killing their partys in t4 and t3 quests, but this is totally using pvp set even they not, I am freeplayer and since this character was released I play it, I think this nerf of "30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand." Is totally bad! is very hard to get much magical damage, this update is just for rich people that can amp +10, my chieftain at the moment have 850 magical damage with guild, ring greatness, cape craft lvl30 and lvl32 amulet horror %, and I calculed after update of game i just will have 700 of magical damage, now look in aspect "PVP"... PVP ASPECT The chieftain in this aspect just work using physical damage because in aspect "PVE" we are stronger for criticals, then eagle is 60% of magical damage, imagine I have 700 magical damage 60% is 420 dealing magical damage, now count that 420 with -45% for resilience of enemy, it is 231 magical damage now count defense of enemy... Normally is -45% with penetration of 15% we got reduction of 30%, then (231 - 30%)= 162 of magical damage dealed, ok I will count ferocity +45% of damage dealed then is (162 + 45%= 239), we can see with this a chieftain can deal 239 magical damage with eagle eye per tick.... Do you think this fair? now let's see this "30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand." ¡SO BEAUTIFUL! PVE ASPECT The chieftain in this aspect is so good... Why I say this? well, I delicately armed each armor of my chieftain to try to achieve as much as possible and to serve with my relics, and well it is so good, critical hits are going good and strongers by the critical damage of the guild and well, I just can say we are good damagers because criticals hits but in aspect "PVP" I can't say it for the resilience.... Here's the other problem... Change of magical power in two-handed maces and spears For all two-handed maces and spears the value of magic power was increased by ~18% This new mechanism is good... but.... I still thinking on the same thing that I told before, we got nerfed in the aspect magical damage of 2 weapons of 1handed mace so this is one thing for make we don't become angry? For be good damagers in this class being magicals, ¿Are we obliged to use spears and 2handed maces? So ¿Can't we be hybrids? ¿Is this serious? SKILLS REWORKS Rugged Hide Reduced the skill’s duration: from 6 \ 8 \ 10 \ 12 seconds, to 6 \ 8 \ 9 \ 10 seconds. Is necessary to reduce the duration of skill? We are already weak class and for tears of sentinnels we are being nerfed? Even them have shields of long duration and much reduction damage and they don't think on their nerf? Frenzy Reduced the skill’s damage: from 40 \ 45 \ 45 \ 50 % of physical power to 40 \ 40 \ 45 \ 45 % of physical power. The skill will now additionally apply the “Stun” effect to the target for 2 \ 3 \ 3 \ 4 seconds if it’s under the effect of the “Thrashing” skill. Im totally agree with this rework, I don't think -5% of physical is bad, anyway it does a lot of damage, and I like the new stun skill, it is so good but here I come again... before I was talking about hybrid class nerf, you guys just buffing chieftain in the aspect pvp but being physical, not magical, with rework of "30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand." we are already more destroyed because we become low damage being hybrids for this reason many that likes magical need become full magical and stop being hybrids, so they are losing the new rework of stun for long time and the people that likes full physical damage but still was hybrids they become full physicals with this update and they become weaks in pve because don't have area damage? Is this nerf will be granted for next update I just think I won't play anymore, it really hurts me, I am a freeplay because in my country I can't buy miracle coins so I get all with effort and I have 10 months saving a lot of things and making my chief stronger, then I finally built my chieftain for be stronger and we get nerf? So you telling that I have 10 months of my life threw to the trash just because sentinnels are crying all the time? And sorry I don't want touch this topic of sentinnels but ¡is the true! all the time we get any buff or we are strongers than sentinnels ¡they just cry for all! I really think this things I told is bad get fix because is very unfair for freeplayers, you guys making this very very good game become to game type "pay to win"? No bro... I no want this for a good game... Greetings and I really hope fix this as soon as possible...
  4. Let's see them chieftain expert skills, Friends! We continue to delight you with surprises and innovations from the upcoming update. As promised, here's another very interesting piece of news from the Ability Laboratory. This time, we will tell you about the new Expert Skills of the Chieftain! Let's start with a skill that will allow you to take the physical potential of the class to new heights. This active buff will reward its owner with the "attack speed" parameter if two maces are equipped, and "penetration" if a two-handed weapon is used. But this is not the only way to attack quickly! The next skill will allow you to instantly land multiple hits on the target. Check it out - it really looks epic! And then a pleasant surprise awaits you, because with the skill that removes negative effects and increases the resistance of yourself or an ally, the Chieftain can really sparkle with new colors. And one more skill will complement the whole picture, which allows you to negate, think of it, positive effects from enemies. And as a bonus, it will also restore energy. We can say that now the new classes are born again, which means they will be able to properly fulfill their role. Share your opinion in the comments as we finalize the announcement of the upcoming update. Very soon a new chapter in the history of our wonderful and vast world of Arinar will open before you. See you! AIGRIND New Expert Skills breakdown: 1. Let's start with a skill that will allow you to take the physical potential of the class to new heights. This active buff will reward its owner with the "attack speed" parameter if two maces are equipped, and "penetration" if a two-handed weapon is used: This has all the chieftains soaring through the roof right now. You should've seen the chieftains' reaction in our server. Everyone is really looking forward to this skill. Personal opinion: I have mixed feelings. I'm kind of excited and dread this at the same time. It's clear that they'll only be providing one stat at a time; Attack speed and penetration buffs based on weapons. I really hope that's a high number as this is the skill that would determine the future potential of physical damage chieftains. I think people expect a ballpark of 35+ attack speed when fully pumped to 4/4 with cycling options. Since the attack interval between maces are the highest provided by any one handed weapons, I don't think this would be something too overpowered. On the other hand, the penetration buff kind of limits the use of light mermen set for chieftains. They already have 2 skills imbued with accuracy and penetration which are the exact stats provided by mermen light gear. Well, Fingers crossed! I really hope this skills comes with a hidden side effect. I think this skill will interact with one of the chieftain's basic skills to give aoe stun interaction? 2. The next skill will allow you to instantly land multiple hits on the target. Not gonna lie, The animation of this skill looks kind of badass. Personal opinion: A tad bit disappointed with the damage. It looks kind of weak from the animations. I was hoping it would be something like multi hit with same damage but that doesn't seem to be the case. Maybe it deals magic damage? This effects of this skill still seems to be shrouded in mystery. xD 3. because with the skill that removes negative effects and increases the resistance of yourself or an ally, Again, hats off for the animation effect. Personal opinion: Finally!!!Nothing more to say. Waiting for the % of resistance provided at different skill levels, the duration and the skill cooldown. Since it's not an assured resistance like BDs, I hope it has a good duration. Godspeed chieftains! 4. which allows you to negate, think of it, positive effects from enemies. And as a bonus, it will also restore energy. When my friend first read this he thought it would reverse the skill effects. I think he's still high on that idea. Personal opinion: A revised weaker version of the mage skill that cancels positive effects skill mixed with energy regen to counter the high energy consumption issues faced by the chieftains. I hope the mechanics somewhat different from the mage skill. Since the energy regen would be provided by this skills, the pve chieftains might have to rely on this skill to keep up their energy regen. Top notch pvp skill I'd say. Will the amazing animations delay skill usage? Will it interrupt future attack speed chieftains DPS? P.S: I don't see a AOE stun rush skill as mentioned in the future chieftain plans here. Are you hiding within some of these skill interactions or did they go really bold and make a class without any disabling skills? Seems like we have to wait for it all! Thank you for the teaser! @Nolan @Akasha Looking forward to the announcement of the update! Much love, from the US-Sapphire server! What do you guys think?
  5. Apparently chieftain can use Wolf's Alacrity in Mermen GvG before getting in the event and the effect keeps active, providing advantage. Mangrove Scroll of Patronage + Great Relic of Continuous Effect keeps Alacrity on for 18,2 s. I didn't try this but just warning... after I realized the bonus of the scroll would increase the advantage even more.If I'm wrong, just ignore my stupidity.
  6. Guys who can add a guide of all skills of the Chieftain? I mean a guide of the skills of how it work at [1/4], [2/4], [3/4] and [4/4] I really apreciate who do it
  7. Here you can ask about the best PvP or PvE (or PvPvE?) Builds for Chieftain!
  8. I think this can be a good idea for new expert skill for chieftain note: I will write expert skill like Khrone, so I giving copyright Chieftain's Call Type: Active The Chieftain calls a herd of wild animals (Bear, Wolf, Tiger, Lion), each animal gives a buff to chieftain and chieftain's party. Buff's Bear: The Bear Buff gives a skin to the character (Or to the character's party) that increases physical and magic defense Wolf: The Wolf Buff gives some percent of evasion to the character (Or to the character's party) Tiger: The Tiger Buff gives attack speed to the charater (Or to the character's party) Lion: The Lion Buff gives some percent of physical and magic attack to the charater (Or to the character's party) Note: If any of the wild animal was killed the buff will disappear The HP of the wild animal and the skill duration is increased by upgrading this skill 1/4: The duration of the skill is 10 seconds 2/4: The duration of the skill is 20 seconds 3/4: The duration of the skill is 30 seconds 4/4: The duration of the skill is 40 seconds I hope you liked my idea and that it is added to the game. I was 1 hour doing this topic... ATT: Zedeght US-EMERALD Hypnop US-EMERALD
  9. 前言:在9.0.0版本中,战矛在线两个阵营各自出现了一个新职业,一个是圣堂武士,一个是酋长,而这个攻略,是属于酋长的技能效果介绍。 ————————————————— 幽灵重击(主动技能) 蓝量消耗(MP):14/15/16/17/18 冷却:7秒(一到五级) 伤害类型:魔法伤害 Gif演示: 圣物推荐: 历史版本变更: 鹰眼(主动技能) 蓝量消耗(MP):14/16/18/20/22 冷却:12 秒 伤害类型:物理伤害和魔法伤害 介绍:给角色施加“鹰眼增益”,持续4/4/6/6/8秒,每2触发一次, 在鹰眼范围1码范围内的敌人会受到30%/40%/40%/50%/60%的魔法伤害, 同时可知暴击对敌人施加“流血”的负面效果,一共8秒,一次2秒, 流血效果为角色10%/15%/20%/25%/30%的物理攻击属性。 【鹰眼+】基础技能强化 将技能的物理伤害和法术伤害增加3% Gif演示: 圣物推荐: 历史版本变更: 熊之体力(主动技能) 蓝量消耗(MP):14/16/17/18/20 冷却:13 秒 治疗效果:魔法伤害属性和损伤补偿 简介:角色会为自己的恢复100/110/120/130/140/%的魔法攻击加成的治疗, 以及额外恢复失去的生命HP的5/7/9/10/12%。 Gif演示: 圣物推荐: 历史版本变更: 狼之敏捷(主动技能) 蓝量消耗(MP) :14/17/18/19/22 冷却:18 秒 伤害类型:物理伤害类型 控制类型:软控 简介:为角色施加持续 4 / 5.5 / 7 / 8.5 / 10 秒的加速, 效果为 10/20/30/40/50%, 持续时间内还可以为角色附加120%/130%/140%/155%/170%的额外物理伤害, 将命中的敌人的移动速度减少20%/30%/40%/50%/60%,持续4/4/5/5/6秒, 命中后,“狼之敏捷”效果会消失。 【狼之敏捷+】基础技能强化 提高该技能0.5/0.7/1秒的持续时间 Gif演示: 圣物推荐: 历史版本变更: 群殴(主动技能) 蓝量消耗(MP):10/12/14/16/18 冷却:18 秒 释放范围:4码 控制类型:软控 控制数量:3/4/5/5/6 简介: 将指定范围(3 * 3)的敌人困住,并降低敌人 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%的物理攻击,魔法攻击和攻击速度属性, 持续 4/4/5/5/6 秒。 【大地颤抖】高级技能强化 该技能每命中一个敌人,受到影响的敌人就会受到2%的伤害,叠加上限为10% Gif演示: 圣物推荐: 历史版本变更: 【这里开始就是专家技能】 ————————————————————————————— 氏族的帮助(被动技能) 简介:使用氏族的技能时,可以获得一层激活效果,持续60秒,当你获得3层激活效果时,高山会祝福你,让你获得持续6/8/10/12秒的增益。效果如下: 使用“鹰眼”、“奇袭之师”、“灵猫反射”或“疯狂”时,会获得一层“”鹰族与狮族的激活效果,效果激活后会提高10%/12%/14 % / 16 %的暴击 Gif演示: 历史版本变更: 使用“狼之敏捷”、“瘟疫诅咒”、“残怒怒火”“狼群支援”或“精神净化”时,将获得一个“狼族与鼠族”的激活效果,三层激活后会提高3%/4%/ 4.5 % / 5.5 % 的渗透率 Gif演示: 历史版本变更: 使用“熊之体力”、“群殴”或“结实兽皮”时,将获得一层“熊族与猪族”的激活效果,三层激活后会提高20%/30%/40%/50%的物理防御和魔法防御 Gif演示: 历史版本变更: 瘟疫诅咒(主动技能) 蓝量消耗(MP):18/20/22/24 冷却时间 :26 秒 伤害类型:魔法伤害 释放范围:6码 控制类型:软控 控制数量:∞ 简介: 释放一只瘟疫老鼠从从身边开始慢慢走到释放位置,站在瘟疫老鼠附近(3*3)的敌人会在里面 25/30/35/45%的魔法伤害, 并有25/35/45/55%的几率对敌人施加持续的4/6/8/10秒的“瘟疫诅咒”负面效果, 效果减少的敌人10/15/20/25%的精准和冷却。 Gif演示: 历史版本变更: 奇袭之师(主动技能) 蓝量消耗(MP):22/24/26/28 冷却时间 :22 秒 伤害类型:魔法伤害 释放范围:3码 简介:在指定范围内释放技能后会召唤火鹰群发起 持续3/3/4/5秒的突袭(5*5), 对敌人造成面板法强30%/45%/50%/60%的魔法攻击, 并降低敌人5%/7%/9%/12%的闪避。 Gif演示: 历史版本变更: 结实兽皮(主动技能) 蓝量消耗(MP):22/24/26/28 冷却时间:30秒 介绍:为角色施加能减少 12%/ 22%/ 32%/ 42%伤害的“结实兽皮”增益, 持续6/8/9/10秒。 然后持续持续期间每失去2.5%的血量,就会增加0.4%/ 0.6%/ 0.8%/ 1%的减伤效果。 Gif演示: 历史版本变更: 灵猫反射(主动技能) 能源消耗:5/7/9/10点 冷却时间:8秒 介绍:开启后,会为角色增加 6%/ 7%/ 8%/ 9%的命中 10%/ 12%/ 14%/ 16%的暴击 如果任何攻击被闪避,还能增加7%/ 8%/ 9%/ 10%的命中,持续4/5/6/7秒。 Gif演示: 历史版本变更: 残暴怒火(主动技能) 蓝量消耗(MP):24/26/28/30 冷却时间:28秒 介绍:让酋长更加暴怒,增强一定的能力,痛击敌人。 如果装备单手武器武器时,,增加5%/ 10%/ 15%/ 20%的攻击速度 如果装备双手武器时,增加5%/ 7%/ 9%/ 11%的渗透 Gif演示: 历史版本变更: 疯狂(主动技能) 蓝量消耗(MP):19/21/23/25 冷却时间 :20 秒 简介:以狼族特有的敏捷对敌人进行一连串的快速打击。 连击次数为:3/3/4/5 次 造成的伤害为角色物理攻击属性的40/40/45/45% 额外效果:目标处于痛殴效果下使用技能会对目标击晕2/3/3/4秒(10.2.0) Gif演示: 历史版本变更: 狼群支援(主动技能) 蓝量消耗(MP):22/24/26/28 冷却时间 :30 秒 介绍:酋长得到狼群的帮助,能够解除自身或队友的负面状态,并增加的一定免疫时间来抵抗敌人的控制。 免控持续时间为:3 /4/5/6秒 消除负面状态为:1/2/3/4个 此外,酋长每消除一个负面状态,可以为免疫时间增加1秒。 (自身一旦受到无法使用技能的控制将无法使用技能消除,但是对队友可以) Gif演示: 历史版本变更: 精神净化(主动技能) 蓝量消耗(MP) : 0 冷却时间 :22 秒 攻击范围:5码 介绍:酋长对敌人进行精神净化,将敌人的增益状态消除,并为自己恢复部分最大值蓝量(MP)。 消除增益状态:1/2/2/3 个 恢复蓝量(MP):10%/15%/20%/25% Gif演示: 历史版本变更: 本篇由亚服玩家郁金香编写,希望能够为后来的酋长玩家一点帮助,版本如果出现改变会更新攻略。 海珍珠(Sea-Pearl) 马鲁特尔 / 郁金香(Marutl / Tulips) 编辑时间:
  10. Hey everyone! This is a walkthrough of how the newly released class chieftain perform in the Technopolis myth dungeon. We were just getting used to the skills and I'm sure there are a lot more ways to speed up the dungeon run. Overall, I'd say this is a class with a lot of potential but still incomplete due to some missing skill combinations. I'd certainly recommend making one if you're having any doubts. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Special thanks to @lore for helping break in the class in dungeon. @GrawlogHope to see a speedy chieftain Running underwater soon as we've discussed . Hope this helps in building your chieftain xD -Dewdrew US-Sapphire Server. Enjoy!
  11. Stop it to read the description!! I'm doing for Templars too.
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