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    Oh come on! Suggested and rejected. Nothing is wrong. Nothing is wrong. Just keep waiting, they appear one by one. Use chaos potions. Wait for events.
  2. Go suggest them contests so they can make them, and you might want to erase 'the-no-win-in-the-current-contest' idea for the one who won the one before.
  3. Search the forum and you might be charmed with one of the other 1m topic about this subject and you might be lucky to see 10m rejects about it.
  4. Good, looks like it is VERY useful to you.
  5. Those changes are already applied in the monthly updates if they're needed.
  6. This is what happened to me when the tutorial island was there, so no I don't want it again to come back, but if they upgraded it in a way and made for the test as the music right now and took players feedback about it, it might be nice.
  7. Please delete, wrong!!!
  8. x

    Tanks Agro Skills

    Not bad Doc!
  9. This my old guild tournament suggestion reward which was deleted.
  10. Thor's hammer skin you're talking about can be found as a weapon in the form of 2h hammer from last Halloween event. But sure why not have a group of skins named "Super Heroes' skins", it would be awesome!
  11. Search the suggestion board for a suggestion about used effects on the character and the way to view them, their times and to stop them. It has been suggested 3 or 4 times here.
  12. No! Btw, classes skills suggestions should be posted in the sub-board of the class. A group of skill suggestions can be posted in the skill suggestion topics that are made here in the suggestion board which I think you might won't find them, so you can make a new skills suggestion topic which should be started in a group of skills made by yourself.
  13. Ofc no! You have to think much more, you didn't understand this well, think of skill times and think why would 2 druids heal 1 target in dungeon?
  14. Let's give an example as a druid. It would change his heal by 15 or 10 more heals, it would change his lightning bolt damage, insect swarm, water power. Many things would change, same as a physical damager.
  15. Miky mouse costumes and emoticons.
  16. Never! Devs won't implement such a thing, I won't waste 2-3h of my life for a game doing the same thing on it for 2-3h. 20m is max until now in ws and I wish it stays like that, otherwise I might stop entering higher times dungs.
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