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  1. Trimar


    1- Upgrade rogue skills (Exp skill of rogue sucks, only blink no.other classes has new skills very better than rogue) 2- New items (add new item to Change name, add new item to unseal armor,weapon, jewells...) 3- Arena damages is breaking the invisibility, fix it please 4- Why priest (an support class) has a OVER POWER skill that gives a lot of damage and drain ALL mana if u move 2 spaces? Priest is a Support class, this make no sense. This is a shit skill, this class just need to use it and run. Stupid skill really. 5- Create more armor sets, the creation of new sets with new bônus can br
  2. Rogue invisibility is canceled by arena damage (fire dmg, statue dmg) pls fix it
  3. Trimar

    item bug?

    Hi, I drop this neck in kota, and it come to me as personal, and I cant unseal it, and I need to use it on my necro... pls help =\
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