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    I don't say congratulations... i think good luck is better ;D
  2. It is only a presentation of the normal damage you do. Calculated with the weapon and attack-speed you have.
  3. This was my little barb lvl 10 in t1 of map 1 :) The funniest things happen. I have this char only 2 weeks yet. * lvl 3 player - i so much like your weapon! (it is a normal common 2 handed lvl 9 shop axe +2 amped without enchants). * lvl 1 player - Help me to get a skin for my weapon! * in the first week at least 20+ invites for guilds. * a lvl 17 shaman invites for arena together. * a lot of goldbeggers.
  4. Devs agree at the moment. But the game is now in development and we are awaiting new Island, new gear, new skills and new max level. We have to wait. I only hope this situation will not stay very long because it is bad. Very bad. Good nice people are leaving because of it :(
  5. As long as the opponents are not visible in the confirmation-screen, it's ok :)
  6. My resilence-rune was still resilence. All dark/moon/sun-runes became magic-runes.
  7. Level 14 is not exactly the same as level 20... Other values of gear, skills, HP, etc. So also other rules.
  8. Because when healers have an OP heal, they have the lowest damage you could imagine. It is/was only usefull in pve. When you had astral in your belt/armor/gloves/rings you did not have damage. And since you couldn't amp it, it was always low. The enchant in the staff was also a decision, astral or damage. So you didn't get it "for free". Now you get both.
  9. Without magical defense the item can not be amped... i gues that would be a big problem for the game, since all the amulets can be amped now.
  10. I do not really mind the magical defense, but i think they had better removed another stat, like attack speed.
  11. You can only parry melee's. There are a lot ranged classes ;)
  12. Yeah, the same thing for the lvl 9 amulet for non-casters. There are only 2 amulets, 1 for casters and 1 for non-casters... so there aren't any alternatives available in the game. The HP is removed for magical defense :( You need a lot of magical defense for compensating these 158 HP lose.
  13. Or darkynecro is reported for trading his/her account for a girly shaman and is banned.
  14. OMG, are this all screenshots from the game? :crazy:
  15. :( My advise; never share login-information.
  16. When the healer has that amount of heal he has a +9 or +10 staff. So probably he also has high amped equipment... Not very strange you lose of a player like this. Meet a +5 and you will notice it is piece of shit.
  17. Allthough my necro is a piece of shit (i need magic cards now for enough heal for the normal dungeon, and my heal is too low for being the main healer at griduar) now, i am very curious about all the new things :) But i like the suggestion. Let a tank be tank and let a healer be healer. I do not care a GT vestment costed 300-400k gold. I do not care about these hard things. I liked the strategy of all the time using the right equipment, making hard decisions. I switched non-stop for every different part of the game. Now i just use the same gear for everything (even for arena now same gear). The only thing i need to do is amp the staff for being a good healer AND damage-dealer AND tank. The strategy is gone. But i trust the devs for making it better again in the future :)
  18. No, you don't :) You need to find vitold, take his quest, go to kotta for report. Take quest power of ravva (of kepalla i think), go to hydra and take that stone, report and back to helg. My girlfriend did this yesterday and had at least 2 more yellow quests not done (like golden wyven). :)
  19. Farm for newbies with friends? What friends? Do healers without heal get invited? Lab gear? The armor is/was 100-150k gold. No way it was easy and cheap to get max heal.
  20. Druid heal is increased. But not necro-heal ;)
  21. 251 heal with +7 staff :) Now we are back in business. Necro heal not increased?
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