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  1. great offers but u guys need to Fix SMS payment! :facepalm: and servers are down? becouse me and my frends gets dc all the time in arena. :bad:
  2. ppl say u cant live without LOVE... but i think OXYGEN is more important. :)
  3. damn lazy mods :facepalm: or "report to mod" system not working? :unknw: devs can you change forum software SMF to other. :)
  4. any admins pls move this topic to "suggestion" forum. :sorry:
  5. damn hehehe didnt see,already report to mod but why still not moved this topic? mods are lazy or what. :wacko:
  6. Hell Gm`s. can you guys make mini "chainless league" for 1st island and set bonus items with 3stat(like polar haze set)for lvl 7-10 players :blush: in order to complete this mini CL quest you need to fight some bosses. for more fun and epic wars we need to share quest/bosses with enemys like current swamp(mini swamp + war zone island). ;D players will get mini cl quest in town 4 from one npc he will ask you to obtain quest item by slaying boss,you need to kill total 4 boses.each quest has one boss in hidden cave.to call boss out from hidden cave you need special item like hydra bait.and for epic war we need to share with enemys. #1. Quest "stoneman" - quest item Ironic helmet (you need to place on altar to call boss from the hidden cave). - boss attack type Physical - boss drop lvl 7-10 gloves(3 stat) with set bonus. #2. Quest "fire mage" - quest item Solar Mask (you need to place on altar to call boss from the hidden cave). - boss attack type Sun magic - boss drop lvl 7-10 boots(3stat) with set bonus. #3. Quest "Moon queen/wizard?" - quest item Lunar skull (you need to place on altar to call boss from hidden cave). - boss attack type Moon magic - boss drop lvl 7-10 belts,rings with full 4 stats. #4. Quest "Dark shaman" - quest item shaman black hood (you need to place on altar to call boss from hidden cave). - boss attack type Dark magic - boss drop lvl 7-10 weapons with full 4 stat. after completing all quests player can buy hood/helmet,armour/robe,amulet from mini cl npc. Hope you all like this suggestion. ;D
  7. Jenny

    Lagspear is back

    yes gm do somthing.. >:D
  8. i was doing my daily quest and suddenly slow coonection and dc,when i login again im already died and respawn in town 2. :bad: now stuck login screen. :facepalm:
  9. hehehe was moment like small kid forget whats comes after 1...2..? ;D we both won. :blush:
  10. and after counting 1... 2... you got chat ban for 15sec.. before you say anything pvp started already..beh.. :tease: :rofl:
  11. you like this? :blush: its april fools day :lol:
  12. to many supprises waiting today.. :rofl:
  13. laagggyy + fools day. :rofl:ggggggggggg.....
  14. fix network issue first pls.im tired dc in every 3-4mins... :bad:
  15. cant do arena now slow slow slow restoring... and dc. :wacko: :facepalm:
  16. lagg and dc always.. :bad:
  17. i havent try 4g yet its very expensive :crazy: and wifi only available when my neighbor friend turn on his laptop *yahoo* if you`re using 3G service like me try this below tips. hope it help you. :) 1. Go to setting`s » accounts/sync »background data: turn off. 2. Go to task manager and check any app running in background? like Google Play Store,Facebook,Etc.. if yes click on clear cache first and after click force stop. 3.After all that reboot/restart your c.p… but somtimes some app still run in backround after restart c.p and again have to repeat again #2. :facepalm:
  18. ggggggggggggggg = MJ Style.. :dirol:
  19. Jenny

    kitty poll

    i think last kitty will win poll.. :shok:
  20. nice topic for newbies :good: i think they are singing not laughing sometime i see this in trade chat too » lalalalala « :crazy:
  21. forgot your words?? lol :tease: :lol:
  22. i had the same situation like you few months ago.im not perfect yes i make mistakes too!!! Not sure of too much so right now it is what it is and its gunna be whats it gunna be!! waiting for that special ONE to come along!! i believe everything happens for a reason!!!
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