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  1. great offers but u guys need to Fix SMS payment! :facepalm: and servers are down? becouse me and my frends gets dc all the time in arena. :bad:
  2. ppl say u cant live without LOVE... but i think OXYGEN is more important. :)
  3. damn lazy mods :facepalm: or "report to mod" system not working? :unknw: devs can you change forum software SMF to other. :)
  4. any admins pls move this topic to "suggestion" forum. :sorry:
  5. damn hehehe didnt see,already report to mod but why still not moved this topic? mods are lazy or what. :wacko:
  6. Hell Gm`s. can you guys make mini "chainless league" for 1st island and set bonus items with 3stat(like polar haze set)for lvl 7-10 players :blush: in order to complete this mini CL quest you need to fight some bosses. for more fun and epic wars we need to share quest/bosses with enemys like current swamp(mini swamp + war zone island). ;D players will get mini cl quest in town 4 from one npc he will ask you to obtain quest item by slaying boss,you need to kill total 4 boses.each quest has one boss in hidden cave.to call boss out from hidden cave you need special item like hydra bait.an
  7. Jenny

    Lagspear is back

    yes gm do somthing.. >:D
  8. i was doing my daily quest and suddenly slow coonection and dc,when i login again im already died and respawn in town 2. :bad: now stuck login screen. :facepalm:
  9. hehehe was moment like small kid forget whats comes after 1...2..? ;D we both won. :blush:
  10. and after counting 1... 2... you got chat ban for 15sec.. before you say anything pvp started already..beh.. :tease: :rofl:
  11. you like this? :blush: its april fools day :lol:
  12. to many supprises waiting today.. :rofl:
  13. laagggyy + fools day. :rofl:ggggggggggg.....
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