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  1. Was this last war MC won a new record for all servers. I swear we flew threw all 3 towns
  2. Rogues Sucks, I'm making a BD until it's nerfed
  3. Move to another bracket, these developers will not help that's for damn sure.
  4. tokr


    I was in that guild for a few day, got kicked because of a,joke I made that got Swift butt hurt. Bunch of thin skinned pansies IMO.
  5. If you dumb enough to input you account info, you deserve to be scammed. Plain and simple.
  6. tokr

    So Many Questions

    Ok let me put my 2 cents down in this thread. I'm a full +10 rogue with dual lvl23 +10 axes inspect Highwalker if you don't believe me. 1. The highest DPS you can achieve comes from an axe and sword combination according to the test I've run. What ever you choose to use comes down to what type of rogue you want to be. 2. I classify rogues under 2 categories (Attack/Tank) good for PvP and dungeons (Dodge/High DPS) usually uses daggers good for farming/PvE 3. Arena gear is exactly what it says, gear made for Arena fighting. I used different combination depending on what I'm doing.
  7. Unless AI GRIND makes any money off it, it won't be implemented. These events are huge m.coin sales events that's the only reason they do them. Lazy devs won't work for free.
  8. Girlscout Cookies on Deck

  9. Ok I'm not sure if this is the right thread topic but my account is bugged. I haven't played it in a few weeks and when I log on I see I have over 4 billion m.coins on my account.
  10. tokr


    Good bye Absa, hope u come back soon. Guild just isn't the same.
  11. Fact #420 Cannabis is not the same as Hemp
  12. tokr

    dagger or double axes

    Dual lords battle axes. Then amp to +10 and your set
  13. Absalom gives free sign sets to every new MC pm him in game
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