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  1. We have so many rat MC on our side it's not even funny. We know who they are lol.. What I was asking for was a fairly located version of the pvp cave. And if you don't know what that is you clarly don't play on my server lol..
  2. Actually I thought that it was bugged too, but it isn't. The entire Swamp is bugged quest wise, so what i do is I take a quest, then cancel then choose one. If it doesn't work, I go back to Zenith and repeat the process. Norlant TP is random, I get that, that's fine. But. The quest path is screwed up as well. ie, if I take Ravvas Kisses quest, I will tp to those maps more often than not. and same for others, but even the towers are bugged.. I have been testing them all out..
  3. Why are we celebrating beauty >. Why not something useful, like how helpful a player has been to others in game..
  4. Thanks guys, I wrote while in my first 2 weeks of playing Warspear, so I cringe at the noobness of it.. But most of what I said, it still good advice. I would add some others things about how to dgs, what NOT to do in DG, how to stack quests for GP, and a sequence of what you NEED to get each map done. I see a LOT of confused people in World Chat, thinking they can go to map 4, but can't becuase they have missed things or .. they don't have Chainless League finished, or BG quests, or Six Shadows.. or are STUCK in Norlant. P.s. Go KAOS! We are working our butts off for this Tournament
  5. Lol.. don't listen to this person is my tip. It's fine to not read things when you are pro. If you are new to the game do take your time. Took me 3 months to the day to get level 24. But I am strong, have 4 exp skills and tons of money. IT IS WORTH BEING SMART.
  6. Lol, so UPDATE= I am now level 24, and in KaOs guild. I still stand by the orginal post, but it's cute cos it's very noob. I would add far more to it now. US is being plagued by scammer players at the moment, which is fine if you are smart, but a lot of the newer players fall for the scam tricks. Went and did Kronus last night, heaps of fun
  7. So hey guys, I'm Jagon from US, I'm a BD. After the events ended things have been REALLY boring. The thing we want most collectively, is a chaos room, and it would have to be in a neutral zone. Nadir would be the best place essentially for that. I'm always up for a good war, but we want to be able to pvp outside of "war" as well. So many MC/Forsaken are using Elf/Chosen accounts and vice versa. It's a giant mess at the moment. And I get that it's basically impossible to police that, so we need an alternative. P.S. Why you let MC have buff after buff??
  8. lol, i deleted this cos it was about abbreviations, like TT and BG etc
  9. I hope someone will explain Precious Metals, I'm very curious..
  10. [uPDATE - 3 months later - I am level 24, and have 5 exp skills Please do take your time in the game to talk to people, and remember that reputation and friends will get you further faster.] - Jagoniiiv Hi guys ^-^ So just over a week ago I started playing Warspear, and I love it! I have some tips for other new players, based on my findings and struggles this week. KaOs guild = big ass shoutout to Bmyhoe, and the other amazing guys in my guild. And a shout to ALL newer players, hope this helps a little bit.. Tip List: + read everything carefully [this would have saved me some grief if I had listened better!!] + you CAN NOT level up by grinding as a newbie, you level through Quest Completion Only + don't worry about finding a guild till you are level 5 at LEAST, maybe even wait longer + it's ok to die, but it does damage your gear faster + use your potions and minions wisely, try to only use things you desperately need + arena is for pros mostly, give it a go, but don't focus on it till you know the game well + SELL the junk, but try to use the Second Hand Dealer guys for things where you can, so you make more $$$ + The skull icons on the map show Dungeons, which players call DGs for short, and they are really difficult without a good party Read: IMPOSSIBLE + be nice and make friends, Invite to Party people who are around you or seem to be doing your quests/around same level help them, and they can help you back too I can not stress enough how important friends and parties are, you can not play this game ALONE! [if you don't like people, don't play MMORPG games .. lol..] [i struggled with this at first, and now I love it] Blissful Isle, and other islands etc are for higher levels, focus on your quests and finding a good crew of friends. One or two high level friends will and does make a HUGE difference. They just obliterate obstacles. Treat them with the utmost RESPECT and thank them when they assist you. Try to bring a buddy who also needs help. Do it all together. Ok, so the servers are down and I'm having withdrawls >.> I know I will be possibly criticized harshly for some of this, I'm welcome to suggestions, and can make changes - just let me know. Any additional input would be GREAT = Jo from New Zealand Characters: Main - Jagoniiiv Bladedancer, and Jagoness Priest US Server Have fun, and see you in game, feel free to add me and/or PM me -- Jagoniiiv BD US Server
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