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  1. @Dono da [email protected] you guys see this video? what do you think about it? answer me pls. 1 combo necro = 6 expert skill points, 1 Redemption and thats it.
  2. Yes i would like to see it too, all those elves without costumes, to see what kind of equipment they are using.
  3. Well i think you guys need to equip pvp gear first , before recording videos like this, because it would sound very intentional using pve gear...
  4. Well thats it, i think our friend Buckyrudy dont even check his faction's skills, he preffer come here first on forum and ask for nerfs, because his guild cant win gvgs and they are trying to do anything to nerf mc side, but the problem is that he cant even read the description of his faction's skills....
  5. The strongest thing about necromancer's skill Fateful Connection was removed in the update 8.4.2 . It was very op because was stopping the enemies, the same logic when you are walking on the lab, and a lot of mobs are attacking your character and you can't walk. But this main issue was removed in the update, so i think its a balanced skills, it requires a lot of expert skill points and it takes time to be effective, massive PvP battles are just too fast for this skill to be the main factor.
  6. first of all, this necromancer's AoE build requires a lot of expert skill's points, need to literally spend 6 skill points, so, u cant do anything else in the game. There are a lot of skills that we can record and put here asking if this is "fair", well you are a paladin, you think 1 shield that uses maximum health points its "fair"? If was 1 ranger with that AoE bleeding skill and all that players from your video MC's , it would sound unfair too, i mean, but what kind of rangers put this skill 4/4? thats my point, there are a lot of combos in this game, but they require a very uncommon specific build, that would be only used to record videos, because its useless in the PvE and PvP.
  7. Good night to all, good to the legion staff, valhalla, sentinel staff, good night to Victor Teixeira, my friend. The problem with the game today, I will try to be very direct, it is the balance of classes, what do I want to say with that? it is not: ain the bd hits too much or the magician has a lot of damage in the area, no! I'll synthesize well ... you have 4 classes on the sentinel side that have control in the area with only the button, the magician or the bd and the druid .. on the legion side you only have the necro. So if you take a massive pvp, a gvg, a war or something, the sentinels will always have the advantage, "ain but you can use the tactic because it is full stun" no! stop talking nonsense, stun, control is when you press 1 button and leave. So on the sentinel side you have the wizard that releases the meteor and has 2 controls that you release and you don’t need to select the area, the skill just goes out, that is, the wizard took control, he keeps pressing the button until he gets out of control when he leaves, he already controls all around, on the mc side we only have the necro. Okay, but what the magician has control and has his bubble that leaves him immune for a few thousandths of seconds, who else has control on the sentinel side? it has the visor that has the shackles and has the shield that makes it immortal. There is the bd, the bd on the sentinel side, he has the onslaught from the moment he uses it, he is immune, so he pressed the button and he goes out stunning general. who else? ah has the druid q has the song, "ah but damage the song and get out of control", get out but how does the druid survive? he has 5 cures, he can survive and always use healing and area control to stay in the war. Today we have 4 classes on the sentinel side with 1 control button and we have 1 class on the legion side with 1 control button, and what is the difference between these 4 classes and the one with 1 control button? why do these 4 have defense mechanisms to stay in the fight and our class? we have only panic. So ... this is the problem of balancing .. there is nothing to be discussed ..
  8. Olá, gostaria de saber porque players com 0% de precisão ainda certam a maioria dos golpes. Primeiramente gostaria de esclarecer que jogo com o ladino "Sieghfried" no servidor brasileiro, evolui a habilidade "Chute nas Costas" para 5/5, e reduzo a precisão de quase todos à 0, sendo que eu tenho 36% esquiva, queria saber o porquê disso acontecer , se foi um nerf no ladino? ou a precisão é um atributo descartável? desde já agradeço a atenção!!
  9. Gostaria de saber se há como informar detalhes mais precisos acerca do efeito das habilidades em cada nível que se atinge, pois na hora de evoluir as habilidades isso seria um fator muito decisivo, saber quanto aumentaria o efeito daquela habilidade, falo isso porque as descrições atuais não me parecem suprir essa necessidade. Ademais gostaria de saber quais os valores máximos em porcentagem dos atributos, por exemplo vim descobrir esses dias que a Velocidade de Ataque não ultrapassa 70%, acho que essas informações seriam cruciais para o player avaliar qual tipo de build fazer, agradeço se puderem responder!!
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