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  1. Não posso entrar no jogo no momento para printar, mas existe um npc em frente ao castelo da T5 M4 que está bloqueando a passagem de uma casa, que não permite a entrada de jogadores, possivelmente eu confundi o nome que ele diz, mas é aquele npc Estou curioso desde a chegada da T5 em relação aquilo, todos achávamos que quem pegasse o castelo poderia entrar lá, mas nem sequer é liberado uma pista quando se tem a posse do castelo.
  2. @Nolannenhuma novidade sobre npc vigia da ilha tartaruga que permite a entrada apenas de comissários
  3. In other words, after using the skill, the priest has 8s to use the redemption, I think you have other things to worry about at the moment, because this is a little used combo, although it is very effective.
  4. But then it also applies to the priest. Kkkkk It could have several priests, while one stunned the other could be removing the effects, and on the infection, it has a limit of area to be explored, it would not spread to everyone, but in case this would take a while, as the connection doesn’t explode instantly, the 1/4 takes 8s to explode.
  5. So thinking the same goes for the combo itself, because it depends on the same things as redemption, even the area of effect is the same, the necro can also suffer from stun before using it, after all it is a combo, I would say that it is much simpler to use 1 skill, than just 2 in this sense, right? whereas one of them needs a target. Battlefield possibilities do not negate the effectiveness of other abilities that remove debuffs, they simply make them more difficult, but this is not an exclusive case of redemption.
  6. But how do I know if the combo is really strong if something is not used against it? The topic makes it clear that it is strong, but why is it strong? Is it possible to be damaged? if not, why? There is a lack of information in this case, it is simple for me to bring loose examples and say that it is very strong, it is necessary to go deeper, think about solutions and why these solutions would work or not.
  7. In the videos that were brought here on the topic, none of the Priests used redemption to show how effective it would be, it is logical to think about the use of the skill, but why is redemption not feasible in your opinion?
  8. But including the zone is something vast, it could be a chain effect that doesn’t come to the topic, wizards may be silenced by the priest’s ability to silence in area and not use their zone, however the necro and the priest can be considered as opposite classes of factions, but similar in power. For nothing, I will be there to see you, it would be interesting to comment on the subject.
  9. In this case the problem would be the zone and not the connection? How about a topic about the weakness area in this case?
  10. The comment about the priest does not escape the context of the connection, as it is a possible solution to the problem, including classes such as lock and paldino, rather they escape context, as they are classes that could not specifically meet this combo.
  11. In this case, if the costume is not the subject of the topic, it would not be a problem to remove it, right? I believe that those who are right do not see any problem in demonstrating.
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