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  1. remove the chance that the connection transmits infection
  2. in my opinion it would be more fun without the skills of the guild it would make the legion and sentries move more and it would be fun, today we cannot leave the city because the enemy can teleport this is for sentries and legionaries it is very tiring to wait for the enemy to use all teleport for us to get out of town and attack
  3. the necro's infection must activate the damage in the area when the enemy with an infection dies, as well as the curse of the death knight, would be great
  4. do the calculation with redemption
  5. Vinegar was a legionary of the Br-Tourmaline server who moved to the sentry side, as the legion was unable to win the sentries in the main battles (GvG). He was the leader of the guild (valhala) who always fought with (ancestrais) and never won, he switched to the sentries because the legion did not have the skills to defeat the sentries.he was unable to defeat the sentries and did not like it when the kingdom did what they never did and is here asking for changes
  6. paladin healed 6000
  7. What happened?
  8. the healing totem does not prioritize those who have less life, but their group and then the guild. It heals every 3 seconds and has a limit of 7 players. All guild groups have 1 shaman so that everyone can make the most of this skill
  9. how are we going to survive in a fight against 45 mage without the totems? we took too long to find the solution we lost a lot of fights, use less mage
  10. when you have 20 shamans together, is that an imbalance? ANCESTRAIS has 45 mage , is this normal for you?
  11. ANCESTRAIS Has 45 mage, 15 paladin, 10 priest, 8 seeker and 12 templar. 90% of the guild is Chosen, There are very good skills At the Firstborn Where is the class balance
  12. A habilidade aumenta o dano critico e não o atributo acerto critico
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