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  1. like every year, people who use iphone phones cannot enter the serv test, they should solve this we all deserve to enter the serv test!
  2. Is there a new Dungeons for low level on the starting island? I did not understand this
  3. Lazy, I love you Nothing new, more of the same in the Arena! I hope you put on the green suit of greatness soon I want it is the only one I don't have!
  4. Buudbd

    Buudbd vs!

    Test server pvp lvl 10 Arena! Although the administrators of the game do not want us we follow the entire community lvl 6-16 making videos and playing every day!
  5. Buudbd

    Buudbd vs!

    Watch my new video and remember to like it and subscribe.
  6. Now the Shaman lvl 10 is cured x1 only once and before being cured with x3, this is a big disadvantage.... I hope these changes are not made because it would be a big mistake and a vanishing against other prophecies.
  7. There are many players I include myself, that in your country in this case Venezuela we cannot buy Mcoins! I think the Mcoins should be transferable.
  8. Wow this is very sad now malek! I think it's time for Warspear to do something NOW, we want them to take more steps to protect our accounts. An application like an authenticator to enter the game would be a good idea, the accounts would be safer! Linking Facebook accounts is a danger. and just tell us "this case we will report to technical support" WE WANT YOU TO SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS.
  9. It is no secret to anyone that the technical support of the game does not work, you should see a way or measures for when things like this happen to you to recover everything you lost! They must also block access to the other mobile device or computer that entered the VLA account.
  10. how sad! there should be many more ways to protect accounts ... and Warspear should worry more about each player issue, Warspear only worries about the money they earn!
  11. I agree it would be very useful for everyone.
  12. Do you know why I don't agree with you? because Vla is one of the oldest players and we always see him in all events (Christmas or Halloween and in all wars, he is not just a common player, he is a Leader on the side of MC!
  13. You are absolutely right, we are here to support you and not criticize! linking the account with facebook is a problem I have lost 2 accounts in the same way that VLA lost it. I think an Authentifier would be safer or get a code by message to the phone.
  14. There are many players who with their teasing create hatred in this case on the MC side, at this moment the MC side is fighting each other for these teasing and other more serious reasons. It is good to hear what you said, if God wants Vla to recover all his things, he is a good player.
  15. we all miss you Vla, you are one of the oldest players
  16. This is very sad, you as one of the oldest players in the game Support has to help you.
  17. Gentlemen, I am being reported now by a person who says that I use multi acc, I now want to denounce this person who said to make a video of my person and my connected friends, for God's sake leave the envy and strive a little more, I do stay connected many hours, I do buy many COINS, I do my best to win the arena ANOTHER THING I WANT TO MAKE A COMPLAINT, please, the game technical service review these accounts, these two players are different players and share the account.
  18. This should not exist, it should never have been created. They should eliminate it once and for all.
  19. Arena Lvl 6-16 are still dying ... I just ask this question: why did you create these Arenas if you don't pay attention to them?
  20. let everything die? is very selfish what you say, I only want the best, I propose an idea (I will pay for it only in this season for my friends to be motivated) and enough ignorant, with what purpose they created the Arena of lvl 10 if you do not care what happens there. every time I am disappointed more.
  21. Well, I would pay what is worth 28.5k coins to Warspear and they would place the option of 28.5k coins in #! 2v2 Arena. (In the EU Service) My Friends and I want it to be something official, so that people do not think it's a joke
  22. Good morning ... I have spoken with my friends from Arena lvl 10 and we want to make a sand tournament where the winner wins (28.5k coins in the # 1 position of Arena 2x2), We want to know if we send the money paying for that to you could place an option that says (28.5 coins # 1 2v2) and when the season of the Arena ends you will send the Coins to the winner. with this we want to motivate our friends and the other players to participate in the Arena lvl 10 which is also very fun. gentlemen developers and administrators please do these for all of us, for years Arena lvl 10 and other low level sand, have been discriminated and ignored by you. (Of the 99.9% of all our proposals of Arena lvl 10 (I speak in general) here in the Forum have been ignored ... enough is enough. Thanks and sorry if I translated wrongly,
  23. friend, I'm the number one who is upset to wait so long, but let's have patience.
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